How to Choose a Hold: Your Guide to the Perfect Hairspray

woman using hairspray in front of a mirror

Sometimes you want to let your hair fly free and embrace its natural look and texture. Sometimes you want a little bit of control. And whether you’re looking for a little control or a whole lotta hold, there’s a hairspray to help you get the look you want – and make it stick!

Hairspray comes in three different types of hold: light/flexible, medium and strong.

That said, it’s important to have different types of hairspray on-hand, as the hold you want may change based on the style you’re trying to achieve and your hair type.

Consider the purpose: Are you looking to give the illusion of more volume? Do you need some serious hold? Is the humidity taking a toll on your look? Need a little extra shine? Want some flexibility in your style?

Consider your hair type: Thick, course hair could probably use a little stronger hold, while thin or curly hair would probably benefit from a medium or light hold so it’s not weighed down.

Still not so sure which spray to choose for your style? Here are some tips:

Light/Flexible Hold:

  • Hold type: Temporary, but natural-looking
  • Good for: Preventing frizz, smoothing down fly-aways, keeping curls bouncy, adding shine
  • Style guide: Use for casual styles like loose curls, natural curls and beachy waves
  • Added bonus: This hold is good for daily use because it won’t weigh hair down and doesn’t result in excessive build-up
  • Our recommendations: Solutions by Great Clips Buildable Hairspray 

Medium Hold:

  • Hold type: All-day shine and style maintenance
  • Good for: Managing thick hair, keeping fly-aways at bay, preventing frizz, adding shine, increasing volume and keeping curls bouncy
  • Style guide: Perfect for ponytails, waves, smoothing/styling bangs and bouncy curls. Spray it on your roots for some subtle volume!
  • Our recommendations: Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hairspray 
stylist using hairspray on a customer in the salon

Strong Hold:

  • Hold type: All day (and then some)!
  • Good for: Fighting humidity, adding some serious volume, holding more dramatic looks, like wedding styles and other updos
  • Style guide: This should be your go-to for formal event hair! Strong hold hairspray will hold your hair in place all day and night, while also adding a good dose of shine and protecting it from the elements. Have thin hair? Strong hold spray can help add volume to limp hair.
  • Our recommendations: Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray, Matrix High Amplify Proforma Hairspray

Ready to spray? Make sure you choose a hold that will give you the staying power you need! Head to a Great Clips salon near you and ask a stylist which spray will give you a GREAT hair day!