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6 trending back-to-school hairstyles

As you gear up for a new school year, we know how important it is for your kids to look and feel their best! From texture to effortless styles, there are plenty of hairstyles on trend. And with Online Check-In, you can get started today with a fresh haircut that'll give your child the confidence they need to conquer the school year ahead. Read on to see 6 hairstyles that are trending now for a successful and stylish school year!  

Young boy with a textured shag haircut sitting at his school desk and thinking

Textured shag

This versatile haircut features layered ends and plenty of texture! With its relaxed and slightly messy appearance, this style is perfect for achieving the trending flipped out look that many boys are rocking.

Heat styling tools can also help achieve the desired flipping out and messy-natural style.

Pro-parent tip: Get this cut exactly how you want it, every time! With Clip Notes, no matter which Great Clips salon you go to, your stylist has the information needed to make sure you get the cut you want each time.


If your child is growing out their hair or testing out longer styles, the comb-over serves as an excellent transitional cut. This haircut allows for experimentation with different lengths and textures on top, while still expressing individual style and keeping up with the latest trends!

Pro-parent tip: With the right styling products like the Solutions Wacky Gel for Kids, you can rest assured that your child and their hairstyle can tackle whatever the school day throws at them!


This short style offers a clean canvas for creativity! With this haircut, your child can experiment with different lengths and variations, such as a high fade, mid fade or low fade, to personalize the haircut. The freedom for customization allows for showcasing personality and style through their new haircut!

Pro-parent tip: Great Clips stylists are well-versed in achieving the perfect fade, whether your child prefers a high fade, low fade or mid fade.

Butterfly layers

The trending butterfly layers create a flattering and effortless look by bringing movement and dimension to the hair without making a drastic change to the length. This is a great style for those who don’t want to worry about sacrificing too much length or making a significant change to their hair. 

Pro-parent tip: Nervous about the layers of this cut? Ask your stylist to keep you updated throughout your haircut. This way you're there every step of the way for your hair transformation!

Curtain bangs

Unlike shorter or blunt bangs, curtain bangs are typically longer and blended with the rest of the hair, making them a great choice for those who have never had bangs before! Opting for this trendy haircut can help your child feel stylish and confident as they return to school.

Pro-parent tip: Consider using hair accessories like clips, headbands or cute hairpins to add a touch of flair to your child's look!

Shoulder-length bob

The shoulder-length bob provides a balance between shorter and longer haircuts. It offers enough length to maintain versatility in styling while still easy to manage and maintain! 

Pro-parent tip: Remember your local Great Clips stylists are here to help your child rock their shoulder-length bob with confidence! With this fresh haircut, students can ace this back-to-school season.

A fresh haircut from Great Clips is guaranteed to provide a much-needed boost of confidence for that first day of school, more than any material item on a back-to-school shopping list! Simply download or visit the Great Clips app and get one step closer to your kid’s confidence-boosting back-to-school haircut at your local Great Clips salon. 

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