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Cute and easy style: Embracing the accessories

You asked and the powers that be in the hair universe responded. '90s-style accessories are back, and we are Here. For. It. So which ones are back? And how can you wear your favorite nostalgic look in a modern way? 

This trend is one of the easiest ways to add some style to your look without extensive primping, We have you covered for the hottest hair accessories, styling tips and healthy hair maintenance so you can create the looks trending on Instagram for yourself.

Woman's long hair held back in a decorative claw clip

Claw clips and barrettes

Claw clips are one of the first accessories you might think of when you think 90’s and they’re back, in varying sizes and materials. Bigger claw clips can keep your hair back like an elastic, and smaller ones can be incorporated into braid and twist styles.

Large barrettes and large bobby pins are also making a reappearance. However, these clips aren’t the classic ones meant to blend in with your hair color. Today’s bobby pins and barrettes are embracing some bling and tend to feature jewels or beads or are used to spell out different words through bobby pin layering.

Claw clips and large barrettes are great for any type of hair, but they’re particularly a good fit for thinner hair. You can use these accessories to add some fun and glitz to a braid or twist style.

Fashion headband

For those with thick hair, you’ve got options too. We’re seeing a resurgence in fashion headbands and scarves, specifically ones that feature a bow, beads or gems. Even this season’s winter hats are coming back with bows or ribbons. Plus, headbands are versatile, easy to use and allow you to forego heat styling for something much gentler, especially if you’re opting for headbands make with microfiber or silk.

Colorful elastics and scrunchies

Colorful elastics are also making a comeback. If you’re opting for the ponytail look and have multiple elastics that you can wear once, try this trick to avoid damaging your hair when taking the elastic out: Heat the elastic with a curling iron for a second to wear down the elastic. The elastic will snap so that you don’t have to tug on your hair to get the elastic out. This is especially important for people whose hair is prone to breakage.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the favorite accessory of them all: The scrunchie. Whether you’re just wearing it around your wrist or are using it to style your hair, the scrunchies are back in full force. Even better news—similar to headbands, this generation of scrunchies are here with hair health in mind, with many made of silk or microfiber. These materials are less likely to tug on your hair, helping keep it shinier and healthier.

These trending accessories can help you put aside your flat iron. And for more hair health support, try incorporating a leave-in conditioner like Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner into your hair routine, especially if you are using accessories that could pull on your hair. Healthy, shiny hair is always on trend!

Need some styling advice? Head to your local Great Clips and ask about accessories and products that would work for your hair!

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