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Stylist Notes

Clip Notes®

Get the haircut you want every time you step into one of our salons with Clip Notes. Clip Notes are detailed notes that your stylist enters into your customer profile about your hair, type of haircut, shape, texture, preferred length, favorite products and more.

We know your cut

Your Clip Notes are updated every time you come into any one of our salons for a haircut, so all your stylist has to do is pull them up and they’ll know exactly what you want. Every single time.

Any stylist, every time

Your Clip Notes are part of your Great Clips customer profile, which means that any stylist can see them every time you get a haircut. This means you can see any stylist and get the same great cut.

Clip Notes “speak stylist” for you

Your stylist will enter Clip Notes about your haircut in a way that any stylist will understand. So you don’t need to know the difference between a high fade and low fade or remember what a weight line is.

Updated from one cut to the next

Clip Notes are updated every time. So whether you have your favorite go-to cut or love to mix it up, your stylist can review your Clip Notes, ask what you want and know exactly what to do for you.

Clip Notes are kid-friendly (like us)

Clip Notes gives you one less thing to worry about when it comes to your kids’ haircuts. We record the details of all their preferences, so your little ones get the right cut every time.