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5 simple hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Love is in the hair this Valentine’s Day, and we have the perfect hairstyles for any event. Whether you have plans for a night out, laying low at home or celebrating Galentine’s Day, with the help of our easy hairstyle ideas and a fresh haircut from your local Great Clips salon, you'll be head over heels for how you look and feel.

For the romantic date night

Voluminous curls

Looking to elevate your Valentine’s date night look? Nothing is more romantic than voluminous curls! For those not already gifted with curls, you can achieve this style with a large-barrel curling iron or a flat iron.

Set your device on low heat and curl away from your face. Don't forget to protect your strands with Solutions by Great Clips Thermal Protection Spray.

For an enchanting afternoon

Crown braid

Make a Valentine’s Day afternoon feel enchanting with this romantic and stylish hairstyle. To create this style, evenly part your hair into two equal sections. Next, make a French or Dutch-style braid with each section, keeping them on the side of your head and secure both with a clear elastic hair tie. Then, pull one of the braids on top of your head, keeping it several inches away from your forehead, and use bobby pins to secure it across your head. Finally, do the same with the other side, tucking the tails of both braids underneath the larger sections to conceal them. For a more windswept romantic look, pull out a few strands toward the top.

For Galentine's Day brunch


Hanging out with your best gals for Valentine’s Day? We love this effortless but stylish hairstyle for your Galentine’s festivities that takes just seconds to achieve. Start by pulling your hair to the top of your head and wrapping it into a bun, pinning loose strands to prevent flyaways. Spray with a hairspray, such as Solutions by Great Clips Buildable Hairspray, to keep it all in place. You can even pull out a few strands toward the front to add a face-framing appearance or add a red or pink ribbon to help the style feel more festive.

For a self-care Valentine's Day

High ponytail

If you’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day pampering yourself, we recommend a high ponytail. This style keeps your hair out of your face so you can fully appreciate the movie you’re watching. It’s also the perfect style if you’ll be enjoying an at-home spa night, because no one likes when their hair ends up in their clay mask. 

For a Valentine's Day with family


Bubble braids

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family? Help your kiddos feel festive with a cute hairstyle. After starting with a fresh haircut from your local Great Clips salon, help them achieve a fun and sweet style that’ll keep their hair secure throughout the day. We love bubble braids for a simple and fun take on a classic style. 

To achieve this style, evenly part your child’s hair in the middle and tie each section into a ponytail with an elastic hair tie to form pigtails. Wrap another hair tie a couple inches down the ponytail and continue this all the way down and repeat on the other side. Once all the hair ties are placed, use your fingers to tease and pull at each section to create the bubbles. For an extra festive touch, accessorize with colorful clips or scrunchies.

Which of these sweet hairstyles will you be trying this Valentine’s Day? Tag us in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and follow our social channels for more content.

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