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Woman with her hair in a ponytail stretching on a yoga mat

5 tips for exercising great haircare while working out

A key component to a worry-free workout? A hairstyle that stays put! From hitting the trails to joining a virtual workout class, our tips and tricks will help you focus on your form (and not your flyaways!) during your sweatiest workout sessions.

1. Sport the right style

Ponytails aren’t the only trick to keep your hair from budging during burpees. Try these strand-relieving styles that won’t damage your ‘do.

  • For longer hair, a braid is best: starting at the top with French braids will keep flyaways off your face.

  • A bun is second best. Top knots will make it through your tougher workouts, while a low bun at the nape of your neck is better for your low-impact workouts.

  • For shorter hair, rely on accessories. See our list below for the best options to keep your hair in line!

  • Prefer the ponytail? This go-to style is great but remember to change where your band is. Top of your head, crown, back or at your neck—altering the placement will prevent repeated breakage.

2. Hold back your bangs

Taking on this year’s trend of bangs but don’t know how to master the look while working out? Try twisting or braiding your bangs to the side! Secure the strands with bobby pins and set with a stronghold hairspray.

3. Accessorize accordingly

Wearing the right accessories for your workout and hair type will keep unwanted stress off your hair. A cloth headband will absorb sweat and oil—the thicker the better. Start from your forehead to relieve pressure on your hairline; headbands that are too thin or non-slip can cause breakage! Embracing the 80s with banana hair clips for low-impact workouts is also a great option as the interlocking comb doesn’t put any stress on your scalp. And for shorter hair that needs help staying put, slide a bobby pin into your style for an all-day stay.

4. Play with products

We swear by these products that will help hold your hair, while taking you from sweat to street in no time.

  • Great Clips Solutions Buildable Hairspray goes on light with a touchable feel. The more you spray, the firmer it gets—giving you quick control before your workout. For after your workout, a quick spritz of this alcohol-based product will mask the look of oils.

  • Great Clips GRIT Cleanse & Style is a foaming cleanser that cleans your hair without water. This is a great option to help eliminate odor and reset style post-workout. The product is easy to use and gives an effortless, natural style with loose hold.

  • Great Clips Tea Tree Coconut Oil Texture gives all-day moisture and high shine. Short on time? Keep this in your gym bag and grab on-the-go to quickly hide oil after your workout!

5. Shampoo only after some sweat sessions

It can be tempting to shampoo your hair after each workout, but that isn’t always necessary. Did you know that when you perspire, your body produces natural oils with salt? These oils are absorbed into the hair strand, expanding inside the cuticle, ultimately giving more volume (like a sea salt spray!). Use this in your favor by blow-drying your hair and pairing it with your favorite styling product—opting for this second-day style will add fullness and help balance your hair’s natural oil process. Dry shampoo is also a great option for thin or oily hair but remember to use sparingly—using it as an everyday option can cause build up.

You can learn more great tips from a Great Clips stylist! Find your local salon here.

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