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4 tips for making your man bun dreams come true

2020 brought its own set of challenges. Learning how to wear your new hairstyle shouldn't be one of them!

With many men spotting longer locks, our Great Clips stylists are ready to help you rock this style with confidence—including teaching you how to achieve the perfect man bun.

Tip 1: Limit your washings

While it’s important that you don’t wash your hair every day no matter your hair's length, it’s even more important to limit your shampoo usage when your hair is long. Shampoo strips natural oils from your hair. When you're working with longer hair, oils can provide extra grip which make it easier to put into a bun.

Additionally, when oils are stripped from your hair, it tends to get dry, frizzy and fragile. Washing your hair just a few times a week using salon-quality shampoo and conditioner is key.

So, what do you do on the off days? Make dry shampoo your best friend! It keeps moisture in your hair by allowing your hair to maintain those important oils, which is ideal for second-day wear.

Tip 2: Take advantage of product

Longer hair—especially if you’re not used to it—takes a little extra maintenance. The power of hair product can help keep your hair under control and give the look you’re hoping to achieve.

We recommend Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream. This matte finish styling cream will add texture to your man bun hairstyle and lock it in with its long-lasting hold. You may also want to try Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax Spray or Men’s Solutions Molding Cream.

Tip 3: Get regular trims

It may seem counter-intuitive to get trims when you're growing your hair out but, as your hair gets longer, it’s essential you keep it healthy. Ends tend to dry out as the oils in your hair have farther to travel to keep hair nourished. When your hair is dry, fragile and unhealthy, it struggles to grow, and you will have a hard time maintaining length. Getting trims regularly—even small ones—will keep your ends healthy and help it continue to grow.

Tip 4: Try out different bun styles

If you’re new to the look, it may take some trial and error to discover which man bun style is best for you. Check out some options below and try them out for yourself! Remember to take your hair thickness, face shape and hairline into consideration when styling.


Typically worn on the heads of men with seriously long hair (we’re talking about past the shoulders), the half-up bun is styled with half of the hair left down, and the upper half put into a bun.

Low bun

Rather than situating the bun at the crown of the head, a low bun is, well, just like it sounds—positioned lower on the head.

Man bun with fade

This man bun style typically involves only the top half of the hair being put in a bun, as the bottom half is cut short and disconnected from the top. The semi bun with a fade is a dramatic look but remember—it requires more frequent trips to the salon to keep the fade clean.

Full messy bun

Hair is put in a single bun at the crown of the head, but some strands are left out to overflow outside of the bun. This is great for men with curly or wavy hair.

Ready to give this style a try? Head to a Great Clips salon near you and ask a stylist how you can prep your hair for a man bun that suits you!

And don't forget to download the Great Clips app, where you can unlock great features that can help you save time and money on your next haircut.

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