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Close-up of a man’s well-groomed eyebrow

3 tips for maintaining bushy eyebrows

There are many milestones in a man’s life. The first day of school, first day at a new job, first child ... and your first time realizing you need to trim your eyebrows.

It’s a proven fact that, as men grow older, their eyebrows tend to grow bushier. This is due to hormonal changes causing hair growth, particularly nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows. So, when those brows get unruly, how can you get them back under control?

Here are a few options.

Embrace it

If you like your bushy eyebrows, no one is telling you that you have to trim them! Embrace them and own them—they just might be your style!

Trim them at home

Bushy eyebrows can get unruly, as the hair tends to grow at different lengths, giving them a scraggly look and even blending into that dreaded unibrow. But trimming them at home can be easy enough if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush them up using a smaller comb with finer teeth. This will help you see which hairs are longer.

  2. Use a tiny scissors to trim hairs that extend beyond the top of your brow line. Use your natural brow line as a guide.

  3. Use an eyebrow trimmer to thin them if they’re extra thick. An eyebrow-specific trimmer will get rid of some of the bulk without the risk of you shaving them off completely. Move the trimmer across your brows in the direction your hairs are pointing until the hairs are even.

  4. Grab the tweezers for those rogue hairs outside of your eyebrows that need removal. Using tweezers instead of the trimmer or a razor helps you be more specific and precise.

  5. Wash your face and apply a clear eyebrow gel to smooth your eyebrows back down since they’re likely still sticking up from when you combed them. This also makes it easy for you to see if you’ve missed any hairs.

Head to Great Clips

A little nervous about trimming your own eyebrows? We don’t blame you, the risk of shaving off an eyebrow—or even half of an eyebrow—is downright terrifying. Great Clips stylists aren’t just skilled at cutting the hair on your head, but your eyebrow hair, too. Take the pressure off of doing it yourself and ask your stylist to give your eyebrows a little cleanup next time you’re in the salon.

Great Clips stylists are experienced eyebrow trimmers, and Design Team Master Michael Mealey addresses eyebrow trimming after the haircut is complete. Many men will address their need for an eyebrow trim at the beginning of their consultation, while others appreciate the offer from stylists like Michael post-cut.

Your bushy eyebrows may be a bit annoying, but keep in mind that they’re a natural part of aging and easily maintained with an eyebrow trimmer or a regular trip to your local Great Clips salon. Don’t worry, we have you covered so that your eyebrows don’t!

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