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8 top hair trends to try in 2024

Is your new year's resolution to look and feel your best? Start 2024 by boosting your confidence and elevating your personal style with one of these trending haircuts. From comebacks to classics, this year is centered around movement and embracing your natural hair type – and with Online Check-In, you can start the new year with a fresh look in no time.

Trending haircuts for men

Fades with Fringe

A fade with textured fringe is an effortlessly stylish haircut that transitions from longer hair on top to shorter, blended hair at the back and sides. You can add easy volume and lift to your fringe by using American Crew Fiber for shorter hair or American Crew Matte Clay for longer hair. 

Embrace Texture


Curls and waves – oh my! This year is texture’s time to shine! This year embrace your natural texture in whatever hairstyle you choose. Try products like American Crew’s Fiber Cream to define your hair and add rough texture without making it feel crunchy or stiff. If you’re not sure about your hair type or where to start, check out our guide for choosing the right men’s hair products.


The buzzcut is making a comeback for 2024. Most people think of a nearly shaved head when they think buzz cut, but they can come in different forms from a close clipper shave to a style one inch off the head. Leaving an opportunity to make the look your own.

Day-to-night Crew Cut

Crew cuts are classic, versatile styles that can be easily transformed for a day-to-night look. For styling on-the-go, keep a container of American Crew Pomade with you to switch up your look on the fly, and keep you feeling like a million-hair!

Trending haircuts for Women

Lots of Layers

In 2024, flowy hair will continue to be a trending look. No matter the curl pattern or texture type, layered styles like the butterfly cut emphasize movement and are sure to be a hit! Keep your hair feeling weightless by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for a boost of bounce, and check out our tips for achieving volume for even more added movement. 

Bob Haircut

The bob isn’t going anywhere, and this versatile style works great with any texture from sleek, wavy or curly hair. Layering with a bob haircut is gaining popularity this year for a more laid-back and choppier look. If you have longer hair but still want the style, try a long bob (aka lob) to experiment before making the cut to a shorter classic bob style.

Side Bangs

Millennials rejoice, the Y2K-era side-parted bangs are making a comeback this year and are a great accent for any hair type, length and texture. The versatile look pairs well with a classic bob or layered hair and adds dimension to any updo.

The Modern Shag


The shag is here to stay! Inspired by 80s rockstars, this layered cut features face-framing bangs, texture, and layers. Also known as the wolf cut, shag haircuts are a versatile style that works great with any hair type.

Need help styling your new trending haircut? All American Crew products are on sale during the months of January and February at participating Great Clips salons. Your local Great Clips stylists can provide personalized product recommendations to help you enter the new year sparkling.  

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