7 Ways to Fight Frizz in Summer Humidity

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We love so many things that come with summer: the sun, days at the pool, barbecues, vacations, lemonade. But there's one thing we don't look forward to: humidity. No matter your hair thickness or texture, humidity can wreak havoc on your hair and cause frizz that accentuates breakage and makes hair tough to style. 

Don't worry, there are ways to fight frizz besides sitting in the air conditioning and hiding from the summer elements (unless you're into that). The tips below paired with a fresh haircut at your local Great Clips salon will keep you looking great all summer long.

How to Stop Hair From Frizzing

1. Find the right shampoo and conditioner:

The name of the game is moisture! Humidity is most likely to strike those who have curly hair, heat-style frequently, color-treat their hair or have drier hair with breakage. This means that you need to treat your hair to some hydration regularly. The right shampoo and conditioner can help you get a hydrating routine started right from the get-go before frizz has a chance to hit your hair.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner:

After you've shampooed and conditioned in the shower, use a hydrating leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture for your day's activities and prevent frizz, like Solutions by Great Clips Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner. You can also spritz on leave-in conditioner before you hit the beach or go out in the sun for ample hydration.

Woman applying leave in conditioner to her hair

3. Save the day with serum:

Styling serums, like Solutions by Great Clips Nourishing Oil, are the perfect way to protect your hair from humidity. They help keep moisture in and help your hair cuticles lay flat without weighing them down or making your hair look greasy. Many serums are made for specific types of hair and contain a formula to prevent frizz. If you experience frizz at the top of your hair, apply a small amount of serum to your roots, as well as to your ends. But if your hair tends to be oily, avoid your roots and stick with the ends of your hair where you are more likely to experience breakage. This not only helps combat frizz but will help prevent further breakage and split ends. 

Man applying Solutions by Great Clips Nourishing Oil hair product

4. Avoid heat styling:

Heat-styling can lead to more frizz by causing breakage on your strands. If you do need to heat-style, it's crucial that you use a thermal protection spray, like Solutions by Great Clips Thermal Protection Spray, prior to heat styling to protect your strands from the direct heat of a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. And try to do it on days when you are between washes. This gives your scalp a chance to add some extra natural oils to protect your hair. 

Woman struggling to flat iron curly hair

5. Dry with a microfiber towel:

Using the right towel is important! Drying your hair by rubbing vigorously with a regular towel can cause your strands to dry out and make them more prone to frizz. Instead, use a microfiber towel. Dry your hair with it by either wrapping your hair up in it or using it to gently press the water out rather than rubbing it against your head. Microfiber is less abrasive and allows your hair a chance to keep in that much-needed moisture that you added during your shampooing and conditioning routine.  

Woman drying off ends of hair with microfiber towel

6. Get regular trims:

Much of what you're seeing when your hair gets frizzy is breakage. This means that you can stop frizz before it even happens by making regular trips to your favorite Great Clips salon to get a trim! Cleaner ends mean less frizz on those damp, humid days!

Young male getting hair trimmed at Great Clips salon

7. Embrace effortless hair styles:

Some days are days to glam it up. Some days are days to let your natural hair fly free. A humid day is one of those days. If there's no stopping the frizz, we recommend enlisting a relaxed, effortless style, like a low, messy ponytail, a braid or your natural curls scrunched with a little mousse. Messier, relaxed styles will disguise any frizz and save you some time and frustration fighting with your hair. And it's worth letting your hair's natural beauty show!

Woman with naturally curly hair smiling on a beach

If you love the summer but hate fighting your frizz mane, you don't need to hide from the sun. Give these tips a try and head over to your Great Clips salon for a fresh haircut, some styling tips, and frizz-fighting products to help you AND your hair enjoy some fun in the sun!

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