6 Trending Hairstyles for Summer

Want to take on summer in style? The hottest months of the year call for a fresh hairstyle to keep you cool and your hair happy all summer long. We’ve got you covered with the hottest hair trends for summer! 

Before you dive into summer hair styling, start with a fresh haircut at your local Great Clips salon. Whether you’re going in for a whole new look or just getting a trim, a fresh haircut can help you achieve the style you’re going for and prevent unwanted frizz during the sizzling summer months.

Summer Hairstyles For Women

Face-Framing Pieces & Bouncy Layers

Adding face-framing pieces and lots of layers is the perfect way to achieve a bouncy and effortless look for any hair type. Layers can help prevent your hair from feeling heavy and weighed down during warmer months.


Short & Sweet

Stay cool this summer with a shoulder-length style. This trending look is easy to maintain and a great way to get rid of overgrown ends and get your hair back to a healthy state.

Nervous about a big chop? Check out our tips for asking your Great Clips stylists the right questions so you can head into your haircut feeling confident.  


Embrace Natural Texture

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, amplify your natural texture this summer by defining your hair with a mousse or gel, such as Solutions Curl Whipped Mousse. For best results when styling your natural hair, you’ll want to ensure your hair is well moisturized to combat frizz during the hot and humid months. 


Summer Hairstyles For Men

Textured Fringe Haircut

Keep your flow this summer and rock the fluffy front-fringe. To achieve this style, you’ll want to keep your hair longer on top of your head and shorter on the sides. Use a round brush and blow dryer to create the desired “flipped up” look and finish with hairspray.  


Buzz Cut

Take the fuss out of summer frizz with a classic buzz cut this season! This low-maintenance style might just be the coolest haircut there is. Don’t forget to condition even when you have shorter hair to avoid flakiness and dry scalp. 


Volume & Tossable Texture

Voluminous and fluffy hair is on trend and you’ll love how low-maintenance this look can be! Consider keeping a little extra length this summer to achieve this naturally “tossable” style. To achieve this effortless look, you’ll want to use styling products to add volume and texture.  

Check out these summer haircare tips for men to help maintain healthy hair all summer long.


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