Back-to-School Tips for Busy Parents

Infographic about a back to school parent survey



Back-to-school time brings with it a combination of nerves, stress, excitement and sadness as it signals the end of summer. And with summer vacation winding down, you are probably realizing how little time you have before the kiddos head back to the classroom, as well as the financial toll back-to-school will have on your pocketbook.

In fact, a survey of 1,200 parents and teachers conducted by Great Clips found that:

  • Parents believe they will spend more than $300 per child on school supplies this year
  • 78 percent of parents and teachers believe they will spend 10-25 percent more than they did last year on school supplies
  • 75 percent of parents and teachers believe that the community needs to do more to support students in need

Take a look at that to-do list

In addition to taking care of your day-to-day home and work duties, you also need to sign your kids up for classes and extra-curriculars, attend any back-to-school orientations and meetings, fill out paperwork and find time for that dreaded back-to-school shopping. It’s enough to make your carefully-honed back-to-school preparation plan break down before your eyes. We’re here to help get you back on top of your to-do list and ease the end-of-summer stress.

Time's a-wastin'

Great Clips is proud to be able to give parents a hand with the back-to-school time burden. According to the Great Clips survey, 40 percent of parents reported “convenience” as their top hair salon quality. Online Check-In makes it quick and simple for parents to get in the door at a kid-friendly haircut salon closest to them (or their nearest convenience store) to knock out that back-to-school cut faster than you can say “Trapper Keeper.”

Cut costs

The Great Clips study found that 35 percent of parents identified a “great value” as one of the top three qualities they look for in a hair salon. That’s where we come in. Great Clips helps ease the financial burden that accompanies back-to-school by offering low-cost kids’ haircuts without the wait. Your kids get the style they want at the price you love. Now those are the makings of a GREAT back-to-school experience.

Bonus perk

The study said that, after doing their back-to-school shopping, parents feel like having a glass of wine or going to bed. So, take advantage of those cost and time savings to splurge on your favorite bottle of vino and celebrate your back-to-school success!

Lower cost, less time and minimal chance of a meltdown? We think that’s a win – win – win! So get your kids in for their new-school-year cut by downloading the Great Clips app and checking in online at a salon near you. Here’s to a GREAT school year!


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