Getting Outside with Healthy Hair: Spring-Ready Tips



The long, cold winter is over and we’re ready to soak up the sunshine. So many of us are feeling refreshed and renewed… except for our hair. Spring weather, complete with increased humidity, sunshine and wind, can wreak havoc on your hair.


That’s why we’re sharing some tips and tricks so that you can enjoy the spring air while also keeping your locks light and healthy!


Get a fresh trim

Get rid of those winter ends! If you are seeing some breakage in your hair, we highly recommend that you head to your local Great Clips and get a cut to give your hair a healthy jump-start to the season.


Embrace anti-frizz products

Your Great Clips stylist will likely recommend some GREAT anti-frizz products to tame spring-induced fly-aways and eliminate dryness by locking in moisture. Some of our favorite products are:


Try a more moisturizing shampoo/conditioning combo

Take on spring dryness with a new shampoo/conditioner regimen. As the weather changes, your hair texture will likely change, as well. Spring weather changes are drastic, so if you’re experiencing breakage, frizz and split ends in the spring, you may want to wash with a shampoo and a conditioner that have more moisturizing formulas. We recommend:



Keep shampooing to a minimum

In the spring, your hair will be begging for natural oils to keep it from drying out. The most natural oils are the ones that naturally occur on your scalp. That said, we recommend not washing your hair every day. Worried about styling unwashed hair? We’ve got your covered!


Drink lots of water

Healthy hair starts from the inside. When the weather changes, it’s important that you increase your hydration. Adding extra water to your daily routine will keep your hair healthy, shiny and nourished.


If the spring air is making you feel renewed but your hair is giving you a stressed-out look, we urge you to stop at your local Great Clips salon and learn more about products that can give your locks a refresh so you can fully enjoy the spring weather!