Rhoda Olsen
Rhoda Olsen
Vice Chair of the Board
“As the business world gets more complex, there is a tendency to get distracted—with financing, technology, labor laws or the competition. These challenges are real, which is why we can’t let up. We just need to keep doing all the things we’re doing, do them better and show customers that ‘caring more’ isn’t a brand slogan. It’s our promise.”

Rhoda Olsen began consulting with Great Clips, Inc. in 1984. She joined the corporate team as an executive and owner in 1987, when Great Clips was a regional chain of 180 salons owned by three partners. Rhoda was named President in 1998 and promoted to CEO in 2011. She led Great Clips from 1,000 salons in 1998 to 4,200 salons at the end of 2017. 

Rhoda brings more than 30 years of executive leadership experience in various positions at Great Clips, including a deep understanding of what makes successful organizations work. She was named Vice Chair of the Great Clips Board of Directors in January 2018.

Rhoda has prior experience in human resources, business leadership and consulting with various leading companies, including food and agricultural giant Land O’ Lakes.