Women's 2021 Spring Hair Trends

woman working from home


It's no secret that we’re not seeing as many people as usual these days. This lack of face-to-face interaction can mean that we’re not putting as much effort into our hair. Let’s be real – if you don’t have a virtual meeting where you’re required to turn on your camera, are you actually going to run a brush through your hair? For many of us, the answer is a resounding “No.”


However, just because you’re not in the office, in the classroom or at a party doesn’t mean you can’t up your hair game and jump on some of this spring’s trendy styles. Whether you’re making a grocery run or spending another workday at your kitchen table, an updated ‘do can help you feel fresh, fierce and ready to conquer the day.


Here’s what we see coming this spring:


1. Loving length: Trips to the salon for many women have been few and far between recently, encouraging ladies to love their length more than ever before. We expect to see long hair make a comeback in fun, fashionable ways. Whether it’s layers, extra texture or new updos, just because your hair has grown out doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the length. Stylist tip: Make sure you have the right products to maintain your length and keep your ends healthy. Some of our favorites are Biolage Hydrasource Leave-In Tonic, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil, or Solutions by Great Clips Deep Moisturizing Balm.


2. Bangs, bangs and more bangs: Women are taking advantage of being home more often to try new styles that they may have been nervous to try before. Whether you’ve had bangs before or this is your first foray, bangs are sure to be hot this spring. From wispy to blunt, this season will see a surge in bangs experimentation.

3. Embracing texture: Many of us are using less heat these days and, instead, are accepting our natural hair. So you’ll see more waves, curls and everything in between this spring. Put down your flat iron and pick up the mousse, like Foxy Curls Extreme Curl Mousse by TIGI, Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam, or Solutions by Great Clips Multi-task Glassing Cream instead! Playing with your natural texture is easy and provides tons of versatility. Bonus: The drop-off in heat styling gives your hair a healthy break, so this is a trend that we’re all about! Some other products you may be interested included: High Amplify Root Lifter by Matrix, Paul Mitchell Fast Form, Masterpiece Shine Hairspray by TIGI, and Solutions by Great Clips Boosting Blowout Cream.

Woman working on a laptop

4. Smooth and sleek: Video calls from home require us to try and find ways to look presentable and professional on camera with minimal effort. What does this mean for spring? A decline in the messy bun and an increase in sleeker styles. Because most of us are only seeing our coworkers from the neck up these days, the professional look falls on our hair rather than our clothes, and those smoother looks say, “I cared enough to take some time to primp for this meeting, even though I’m still wearing my sweatpants.”


5. Old-school accessories: Haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days? Not feeling very motivated to style it? This common mindset has led to a revival of many fun accessories that, let’s be honest, we’ve all been missing. From clips to headbands to scrunchies, nothing makes second-day (or third-day) hair feel fresh like a fun accessory, and we anticipate many spring-ready looks to be created with them in the next few months.


6. Playing with ponytails: We’ll say it: ponytails are easy. If you haven’t washed your hair in a few days, don’t feel like heat styling or just need to get it out of your face while you’re staring at your computer screen, ponytails are for you. Low ponies, side ponies, high ponies, messy ponies, ponies with braids… The options are endless, fun, simple and can be dressed up or down so you can rock it for your virtual meeting, date or workout.

ponytail hairstyle

Are you ready to ring in spring 2021 with a new ‘do that is sure to impress on the screen and off? Great Clips stylists are up-to-speed on all the latest looks, so mask up and head to a salon near you!