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Curl care & hair styling for curly hair: 10 tips for flauntable curls

No matter your hair type, it’s important to find ways to keep it healthy and strong. When it comes to hair care, women with curls are often presented with a slightly bigger challenge than those with straight hair. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE curls, but they can be difficult to care for. That beautiful ringlet shape has trouble delivering moisture throughout the entire hair strand, often causing curly hair to be dry, frizzy and subject to breakage.

If you’re lucky enough to have a head full of curls, we’re here to help you ensure they’re healthy and flauntable—because who wouldn’t want to flaunt curls like that?!

1. Cleanse hair with cold water

Hot makes it frizzy and dries it out. Cold closes the hair cuticles and locks in moisture, just like it does with skin.

2. Don’t be so aggressive when towel-drying your hair

Instead, try using a microfiber towel or t-shirt and wrap your hair up instead of rubbing it dry. This can help prevent breakage.

3. Deep condition or use a hair mask regularly

You can either purchase a Great Clips stylist-recommended product, like Solutions by Great Clips Deep Moisturizing Balm, Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment, or Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm or engage in a little DIY.

4. Get frequent trims

Curly hair is subject to split ends as the curl shape can inhibit moisture from getting to the ends, so maintaining the ends with regular trips to your local hair salon is essential. 

Getting to the salon can be hard, so we make it easy to get a great haircut at a time and place that’s convenient for you. That’s why we’re open evenings and weekends, no appointments necessary. If your curls are in need of a trim, use the Great Clips salon finder to find a hair salon near you today—walk-ins are always welcome!

5. Try not to use heat

If you want to define your curls, try experimenting with different haircare products to help you find the best hair products and shampoos for your curls. Curl-defining products, like Solutions by Great Clips Texturizing Pomade often do the trick without the heat! 

Also, wrapping hair around your fingers while it’s damp or scrunching it rather than using a curling iron is another great way to avoid heat and still get the desired curly effect.

6. Use an extra-moisturizing shampoo

Curly hair has a habit of drying out quicker than straight or wavy hair. A shampoo and conditioner combo laden with moisturizing agents, like Biolage Ultra Hydrosource Shampoo and Conditioner, will help you maintain shine and bounce.

7. Don’t wash your hair every day

This is a tip for all hair types and is especially important for those with curls. It may seem counter-intuitive but washing your hair too often can actually dry out your hair more as you wash out natural oils. So, give it a break to build up those moisturizing oils again for a few days.

8. Detangle instead of brush

Use a wide-tooth comb and detangle your curls from the bottom up. This will not only help save those fragile ends from breaking, but will help you define your curls as they dry. Using Sexy Hair Curling Creme can help give those curls the definition you’re looking for, too.

9. Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Sounds fancy, right? Actually, sleeping with a satin headscarf or on a satin pillowcase is great for your hair! It keeps it from getting too tangled so that you don’t wake up with bedhead, preserving your style. It also helps prevent breakage because the fabric is gentle on hair and skin, unlike cotton, and helps your hair maintain moisture.

10. Stay hydrated!

What you eat and drink (and how much of it) has a direct correlation with your hair’s health. So, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and eating hydrating fruits and veggies.

Whether your hair is straight or curly, thick or thin, colored or natural, taking care of and maintaining it is essential. With the right maintenance, products and knowledge of your hair type, we’re sure that you’ll have hair that you’ll be proud to show off!

If your hair needs a trim, visit your local Great Clips hair salon to connect with a highly trained hair stylist, or browse the haircare line at Great Clips that’s designed to strengthen and enrich all hair types. 

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