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4 ways to embrace and amplify your natural hair

Your natural hair is part of what makes you, well, you! And while it can be fun to play around with heat styling and color, we love it when customers are interested in embracing their natural hair in all its greatness.

If you're not used to letting your natural hair fly free, we have some advice to help you feel confident.

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Experiment with different styles

Part of embracing your hair's natural texture and body is knowing how to style it. So, if you're ready to put down the heat-styling devices, spend some time in front of the mirror trying out different styles.

Do you usually straighten your curls? Try a messy updo! Do you usually tease your thin hair? Try a fun braid. Keep an eye out when you run errands or are at work for how others with similar hair are styling their hair and give those looks a shot. You might discover that you like something you didn't expect.

Consider making smaller changes

If you're putting a lot of effort into changing your hair's look and texture every day or every week, it may be time to consider what exactly it is that you've been trying to change. Is it frizz when it's humid? Unruly curls? Lack of volume? You can then talk to a stylist about how to address those preferences in smaller ways, rather than drastic ones that may be damaging your hair.

Try out product that enhances your natural hair

Products don't need to be used just to change the nature texture and body of your hair—they can also help you enhance it! If you have curls, a curl-enhancing mousse or gel will help bring out that texture while also keeping it under control. If your hair is on the thinner side, a volume-enhancing shampoo and conditioner combo may be best for your haircare routine.

Ask your stylist for styling tips

When all else fails, turn to the experts! Great Clips stylists are a great go-to for styling advice. At your appointment, ask them for recommendations on how to best take care of and style your natural hair. They can offer product recommendations, styling techniques and haircut frequency advice.

We love your locks exactly as they are, so put that flat iron down and let your natural hair fly! And remember, if you need a little advice and encouragement, Great Clips stylists are always ready to help.

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