New 'Do for 2022: 5 Trending Men's Styles

Is a new ‘do on your list of 2022 New Year’s resolutions? Whether you want to try out a completely new look or bring back a throwback, you have several trending looks to choose from this year. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing.

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The Flow

Most commonly seen on soccer players, this classic, face-framing look embraces your natural texture while giving you plenty of styling options. Slick it back for a more formal look or leave it messy for something casual. Want to go full-on 90s? Cut your flow into a mullet – they’re back, too! You have a ton of versatility in this go-with-the-flow (pun intended) style!


Business man smiling with thick flowy hair

Crew Cut Fade

Do you have curly or wavy hair and want to embrace your natural texture? Try a crew cut fade this year. It allows you to leave the top as long as you’d like, with shorter sides. And depending on your natural texture, you have different options for styling the top – you can slick it back or tousle it with some texturizer. 


Man with crew cut fade smiling outside

Side Part

As a middle part trends for women’s looks, the side part continues to be the go-to for men’s styles. It adds some dimension to your look and can be dressed up or down. It’s also a great option for men with straight hair and can be paired with a low, medium or high fade. Use some styling gel or mousse to make it defined or add a little bit of texturizer for a more casual style.


Man with side part hair looking down at ground

Buzz Cut

For some guys, simple is best. That’s why the buzz cut isn’t going anywhere! It’s a classy, low-maintenance cut. Have some facial hair? The buzz cut tends to compliment beards perfectly. The only thing you have to do is maintain it, which means regular trips to your local Great Clips salon to freshen it up.


Man with buzz cut resting chin on hand and smiling

Curly Fringe

Ready to really style it up? The curly fringe is one of the biggest trends this year and is perfect for those men rocking natural curl. The style is meant to be messy and showcases your curls in a sophisticated and relaxed way. And it doesn’t require much styling – just scrunch in some styling cream and let your hair air dry.


Man with dark curly fringe hair smiling


Ready to embrace one of these 2022 styles? Head to your favorite Great Clips salon and get styled for the new year.

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