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7 DIY wedding guest hairstyles for any hair type

The next time you receive a wedding invitation, remember that all you need is love – and great hair! Whether the dress code is casual or black tie, these easy wedding guest hairstyles will ensure you match any theme on the big day! With the help of our easy style ideas and a fresh haircut from your local Great Clips salon, you'll be the one saying "I do" to your new look and boosted confidence this wedding season.

For the effortless look ...


Perfectly tousled low bun

Nothing is more romantic than that perfectly messy look! Achieve this tousled style by using bobby pins to secure your hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck. To get the loose look, gently pull at the secured hair until it looks wispy and effortless. For added texture, ask your local Great Clips stylist to add a few face-framing pieces at your next salon visit.


Big beach waves

There’s no need to visit the beach to achieve this voluminous style at home! Start by prepping your hair with a heat protectant and separating the hair into sections. Then use a curling iron to curl each piece for three to four seconds. For added volume, use Solutions by Great Clips Root Booster Thickening Spray before finishing the look with a loose-hold hairspray.

For a classic silhouette ...

Timeless half-up

If you’re having trouble deciding between a classy updo or letting your hair down, a half-up style might be perfect for you. Start by separating your hair into two sections – one on top and one on the bottom. Secure the top section with an elastic or hair clip and let the lower half flow down your back. You can even add curls to your hair for added texture and bounce! With this style, there are unlimited possibilities for elevating your look with hair accessories that will tie your outfit together. 


Sleek and straight

Your lips don’t have to be the only glossy part of your ensemble! If your signature style is simple and elegant, we recommend a straightened look that really shines. Using an all-in-one heat protectant like the Solutions by Great Clips Glossing Multi-Task Cream will keep your locks looking smooth, frizz-free, and gorgeous even after you hit the reception dance floor.

For a playful style ...


Bouncy ponytail

If you’re looking for love at your next wedding event, try this effortless, flirty hairstyle that only takes a few minutes to achieve. Next time you visit your local Great Clips salon, ask your stylist for long layers—this will give your hair plenty of bounce and movement when you throw it into a sleek pony! If you like the wispy look, pull out a few face-framing pieces to finish off your style.


Fluffy braid

Looking to elevate a classic braid? Take your style to the next level by adding volume and fullness to your braid. Achieve this look by starting with a normal three-strand braid. Then, begin pulling at the individual loops evenly to make each one look wider and flatter. This simple styling technique will leave you with a luxurious braided look that will perfectly complement any wedding attire. 

For him ...


Refined brushed-back look

If you’re looking to add a classy touch to your suit and tie, this polished brushed-back hairstyle is in style for any formal occasion. After wetting your hair, comb your hair away from your face and add a small amount of Solutions by Great Clips Pomade to hold it in place. If you have a beard, ask your local Great Clips stylist for tips on finding the perfect hair and beard combo for the big day. 


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