5 Ways You Can Update Your Look for the New Year

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Is it time for a hair refresh? The start of a new year often has us looking in our closets, at our finances and in the mirror with the goal of making some lifestyle changes. And one of the best ways to start off 2022 is with an updated style! So we’re sharing some tips on how you can easily refresh your look.

Do a Product Revamp

Take a look around your bathroom. How many of the products that you have do you actually use? Of those products, which ones do you love? How many of them are expired? And yes, hair products expire! If you have old product sitting around or products that don’t meet your current hair needs, it may be time to do a product clean-out. It’s not about the number of products you have, but the quality of your products. And those products should be specific to your hair’s unique needs. So, if your hair needs a boost this New Year, start with your product line-up. It may be time for a refresh.

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Lose Some Length

Whether you want to try a new look or have ends that need to go, getting rid of some length is a great way to update your style. You can lose a little bit or a lot, but either way it will give your hair a healthier feel and appearance while also providing you with some new styling options. 

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Embrace Natural Texture

If you use heat tools to style your hair or keep your hair short but are considering growing it longer, try playing around with your natural texture. It not only gives your hair a break but gives you an opportunity to see if there’s a new style you love.

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Focus on Hair Health

Set a resolution to improve your hair and scalp health this year. Putting a renewed focus on your hair health is the perfect way to update your look, especially if your hair is looking dry or dull. You can get an updated hair look simply by taking a look at the products you’re using, how much heat you’re using and whether or not you’re maintaining the ends. Healthy hair is a great look! 

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Commit to Regular Trims

Are you more likely to visit your Great Clips salon for a desperately needed cut rather than a regular trim? Making regular trips to the salon can help keep your hair healthy and make it easier to maintain your new style. 

Want to update your look but aren’t sure where to start? Great Clips stylists are happy to walk you through some new cuts and styles to suit your hair type and lifestyle. Here’s to 2022 new ‘dos!

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