Falling for Fall Styles

Husband, wife, and two children holding hands and walking on a path in autumn.

We know it feels like summer just started, but fall is in the air! And that means new hair trends are on the horizon. While you may be bummed that summer is coming to an end, we can guarantee that these hairstyles will be enough to make you forget about the post-summer blues and look forward to a stylish fall!


Here’s what you can expect to see just around the corner:



Slick and Smooth:  After embracing natural hair texture and easy styles this summer, this year’s fall hair trends are shifting to straight, smooth and sleek styles. To achieve this look, we recommend TIGI Bed Head After Party, a lightweight smoothing cream, or Solutions by Great Clips Nourishing Oil to hydrate, reduce frizz, and create that silky finish.


Loose and Wispy: But don’t worry, the slicked-down look isn’t the only style for this fall. If you’re not quite ready to do a full 180 with your hair, natural textures are still in! Whether you’re styling your hair into a bun, a ponytail or a half-up-half-down ‘do, embrace your natural texture and leave some pieces loose around your face. Add in Solutions by Great Clips Texturizing Pomade to create texture and shine to complete the look.

Young woman with hair in bun smiling

Bangs: This means that bangs are back! Once the summer humidity takes a backseat, bangs are a great way to frame your face, add some drama and accentuate your current hair length.


Long Bob: Nothing says low maintenance like a long bob! It’s versatile, easy to style and great for any hair texture. That’s why we’re expecting to see it coming to the forefront this autumn. Whether you chopped off your hair once quarantine restrictions lifted and are trying to find an in-between style, or you’re not quite ready to go pixie, this is a great transitional (or long-term!) style for all hair types.


The Mullet: And if you’re ready for a big change, the mullet is back in full force. But rest assured that the modern mullet is quite different than the mullet that rocked the ‘80s. This season’s mullet is a shaggy hybrid between a pixie and a bob that screams both “throwback” and “edgy.” This modern mullet cut brings together multiple fall trends and is achieved through soft layers, loose fringe, and textured bangs.

Woman with choppy, trendy mullet haircut



Side Part: This style isn’t just for weddings and black-tie events anymore. Expect to see the side-part making a casual reappearance this fall. We love it because it can be dressed up or down. Slick down the sides for a more formal look or add some texturizer for something a little more casual. For pliable hold and high shine, incorporate Solutions by Great Clips Men's Pomade into this look.

Young man with hair in a side part

Buzz Cut: The buzz is back! Actually, it never really left, but this fall we’ll be seeing even more of it because of it’s low-maintenance perks. No need to do any styling, just head to your Great Clips salon regularly to get it touched up. With a shorter buzz cut and more scalp exposure to the elements, spritz on Solutions by Great Clips Men's Leave-In Conditioner to keep your scalp moisturized.


French Crop: This look features a longer length on top that is styled forward to create a fringed, blunt bang look with a shorter trim on the back and sides. While it is often worn texturized and messy, you can also slick it to the side for a more formal appearance. Work in Great Clips Solutions Molding Cream for rough texture and a natural finish.


Pompadour: This look is now being styled for multiple hair lengths. All you need is a little extra length on top and some great styling products, like Solutions by Great Clips Men's Pomade, American Crew Fiber or American Crew Fiber Cream. Simply style it toward the back of your head until you get the desired “bump” in the front and you’re good to go. Have some pieces that fall out throughout the day? Don’t worry, it just adds to the look.

Young man smiling with pompadour hair style

Easy summer styles will be back next year, but now it’s time to get back into the styling game. Looking to make a change? Head to your favorite Great Clips salon and talk with a stylist about some styles you can embrace this season!

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