New Year, New 'Do: 6 Women's 2022 Hair Trends

Woman with curly hair laughing in mirror

Are you ready for a new look to start the new year fresh? The most popular trending looks for 2022 are here.

The work-from-home, just-rolled-out-of-bed look is out and it’s been replaced by some serious 90s vibes. This means texture, texture and more texture! Here’s what we’re expecting to see this year.

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Blunt, Bobs and Lobs

Say goodbye to grown-out lengths – the bob and lob are back. These cuts are easy to style and low-maintenance, and they provide plenty of opportunity for texture. They’re also a great way to get rid of overgrown ends and get your hair back to a healthy state.

Young woman with a bob style haircut

Curtain Bangs

Are you considering bangs but not quite ready to commit to a full fringe? Curtain bangs are the perfect introduction to try a new look and possibly ease your way into full-blown bangs. They blend easily like long layers and frame the face, giving the illusion of bangs when your hair is up but easily tuck behind your ears if you need them out of the way. No matter your hair texture, curtain bangs add dimension and styling opportunities.

Woman with short, textured hair and curtain bangs

Straight and Sleek

The late 90s loved straight strands, and so does 2022. Get your flat irons out and have plenty of heat-protecting spray on hand, because smooth, sleek looks are back. Great for long, medium or short hair, straight styles pair great with all of the 90s accessories that are making a reappearance, like bedazzled bobby pins and headbands.

Woman with sleek and straight hair.

The Middle Part

Millennials, it’s time to start moving that part over. The middle part is back and pairs well with any hair length, texture or style! You can even pair this look with another look trending for this year – try wearing your hair straight and sleek, with a middle part, or bring the middle part to your new lob.

Woman with straight hair styled in a middle part

Beachy Waves

This effortless look is perfect for next-day hair. Whether done with heatless curlers, a flat iron or a curling iron, beachy waves add texture without the effort of fully curling your hair. Simply add some dry shampoo or sea salt spray, give it a tousle and you’re good to go!

Senior woman with long wavy hair

Textured Shag

Wavy- and curly-haired girls, this look is for you! The shag adds dimension and volume, while the texture allows you to put away the heat tools and let your natural texture take center stage. A little bit of texturizer or mousse is all you need to bring this 90s look back.

Woman with a textured shag hair smiling outdoors

We love when throwbacks return with a modern spin, and that’s what we’re expecting to see all year long. Ready for a change (or to reminisce on your boy-band days)? Head to your local Great Clips salon and get your 90s on!

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