5 Cupid-Approved Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Woman in red dress with sleek black hair smiling in mirror

Love is in the hair this Valentine’s Day! And we’re ready with some hairstyles that we think you will fall in love with, whether you are spending Valentine’s Day on a fancy date, laying low at home, or celebrating Galentine’s (or Palentine’s) Day.

Here are some of the styles that Cupid would put his heart stamp of approval on:

For a Romantic Date

Updos come in all shapes and sizes, but for something classic, try a sleek, high bun by pulling your hair to the top of your head and wrapping it into a bun, pinning loose strands in to prevent fly-aways. Spray with a hairspray, such as Solutions by Great Clips Buildable Hairspray, to keep it all in place. You can even pull out a few strands toward the front to add a face-framing appearance.

Woman with sleek high bun

For Galentines Day

Hanging out with your best ladies for Valentine’s Day? A more casual ‘do may be in your future! Try loose, beachy curls, which can be accomplished with a large-barrel curling iron or a flat iron. Set your device on low heat and curl away from your face. Don't forget to protect those strands with Solutions by Great Clips Thermal Protection Spray. Brush out the curls and spray with a light hold hairspray or sea salt spray to set it. 

Woman with beachy waves smiling

For a Self-Care Night

We love a good night of takeout, rom-coms and a relaxing face mask. If you’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day pampering yourself, we recommend a high ponytail. This style keeps your hair out of your face so you can fully appreciate the movie you’re watching without brushing hair out of your face. It’s also the perfect style if you’ll be enjoying an at-home spa night, because no one likes when their hair ends up in their clay mask. 

For a Surprise Date

Is your date keeping you in suspense and surprising you for Valentine’s Day? A loose, low bun is natural, yet elegant and is bound to fit perfectly in whatever setting you find yourself in. First, add texture by using Sexy Hair Powder Play at the root to mid-hair shaft. Simply section your hair, leaving the front strands out and putting the rest in a loose ponytail. Wrap the ponytail into a bun and twist the loose strands and pin them into the bun. You can pull the bun for a messier look and leave small strands out.

Woman with red hair in low bun

For the Last-Minute Outing

Sometimes things come up last-minute (or they slip your mind until the last-minute) but still require a polished, put-together look. Enter the heart braid. Simply pull your hair back in a half-up ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Take your thumb and create a gap between your head and the hair tie and tuck the ponytail through the gap, pulling it underneath the hair tie. Split the ponytail in two and braid each section. While braiding, have a product like Solutions by Great Clips Texturizing Pomade on your hands and fingers to keep braids sleek and defined. Pin the top of each braid up on either side of the hair tie, creating an arc on each side. Pull the two braids together and secure them together with one hair tie. Voila! You have an easy heart-shaped hairdo that will have you out the door in just a few minutes.

Two braids at the back of a woman's head pinned to look like a heart

Whether you’re getting gussied up for an elegant date, taking the night for yourself or getting together with your friends, there’s a hairstyle to bring your Valentine’s Day look together in a way that would be Cupid-approved. Here's to hair love!