4 Must-Try Hair Hacks to Freshen up Your Spring Look

Man and woman smiling and walking down a street in the spring

Spring is on the horizon! And with it comes warmer weather, increased humidity, and more exposure to the elements, all of which can affect your hair health and texture.  

Here are some simple tips to freshen up your look for spring and help your hair look and feel healthy. 


Woman spraying dry shampoo on her roots


1. Make Dry Shampoo Your BFF: Spring weather brings with it a whole host of elements that your hair isn’t used to after a long winter. This means that the increased humidity will make you more susceptible to frizz, especially if your hair is on the longer side. Using dry shampoo between washes keeps the natural oils in your hair that help prevent frizz while also keeping your looking fresh and clean. 


Woman getting her hair trimmed


2. Get a Trim: If your ends have been lying dormant all winter, they are probably in desperate need of some TLC. And by that, we mean it’s time to chop them off. Heading to the salon for a trim – whether you want to lose a lot of length or just give the ends a touch-up – gets rid of those drab, dry ends that have been weighing you down and are more susceptible to sun damage. 


image of Solutions by Great Clips® Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner products


3. Engage in Some Deep Cleaning: It’s time to take off those beanies and let your hair fly free! If you have been neglecting it all winter and hiding your scalp under a hat, you may need to do some spring cleaning first. Deep cleaning your hair and scalp can be as simple as revamping your shampoo and conditioner. The Solutions by Great Clips Tea Tree line offers shampoos, conditioners and conditioning treatments to not only nourish your hair and scalp, but rejuvenate and clean it, too. 


Image of hand holding Sexy Hair Love Oil product


4. Stop Frizz in its Tracks with Serums: Hair serums are the product you didn’t know you needed, especially when that springtime frizz hits. Working a serum, like Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil, into your hair gives you that healthy shine while also smoothing split ends and combatting frizz. 


Freshening up your look for warmer weather doesn’t have to be hard. Implementing these simple changes are exactly the hacks you need to get your hair spring-ready!