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Father saying goodbye to his daughter and son before they head off to school

7 cute hairstyles for school that are actually easy to do

Styling your child’s hair can be time consuming! At Great Clips, we understand how important it is for parents to save time before school, so we’ve compiled cute, easy hairstyles and tips to make tackling your child’s bedhead on school days a little less hairy.

For girls

1. Topknot

Your child will be ready to tackle the school day with this cute and easy playground-proof hairstyle! Have your child flip their hair over and gather all the hair at the crown of their head. Use a brush to smooth the hair on their head before twisting it into a bun. Secure with a ponytail holder or scrunchie and bobby pins. Pull out a few pieces of hair to frame the face—and voila! Check out the original detangling Wet Brushes at your local Great Clips salon, perfect for kids styling.

2. Half-up with a twist

Keep hair out of your child’s face all day with this cute hairstyle for school! Gather a small section of the hair framing your child’s face on both sides. Twist each section and drape it across the side of their head to meet the other section of hair at the back of their head. Secure both sections of hair together at the back of the head with a bobby pin or hair elastic. 

3. Short & sweet

Short haircuts are adorable and effortless! Opt for a shorter haircut this school year to keep things short and sweet. Head into your local salon and talk to a Great Clips stylist about finding a short haircut that suits your child. 

4. Half-up pigtails

This trendy look keeps hair out of the face in a stylish way that your child can rock all day. Gather a section of hair at the front of your child’s face on one side and secure it with an elastic. Do the same thing on the other side and make sure the pigtails are placed at the same height. Complete the look with some hairspray to keep any stray hairs in place!

For boys

1. Spike it up

Run your fingers through your child’s hair in an upward motion at the front of their head to create that cool spiky look! Add a small amount of hair gel, such as Solutions by Great Clips Kids Wacky gel, to your palm to hold in place and finish with a small amount of hair spray to create maximum hold for all-day play. This style works best on shorter hair.

2. Classic combed look

This timeless gentleman look takes just seconds! Dampen your child’s wet hair and grab a comb to part their hair on one side. Once hair is parted, comb hair over and finish with a light amount of pomade to hold in place. You can find a great selection of pomades, like American Crew Pomade, at your local Great Clips salon.

3. Embrace natural texture

Does your child’s hair have natural wave or curl? Embrace their natural texture for a fun and playful look! Dampen your child’s hair and scrunch a small amount of Solutions by Great Clips Crazy Curls Cream to amplify the style.

Hairstyling tips & tricks

Use a detangler

Do yourself a favor—save time and prevent breakage by using a detangler to tackle bedhead in the morning! Before brushing through your child’s hair, spray a generous amount of detangler into their hair and gently comb through. In need of a detangler? Find Solutions Afraid Knot detangler and other hair products at your local Great Clips salon.

Maintain your child’s haircut

The key to quick and easy hairstyling before school is remembering to maintain your child’s haircut. Great Clips makes it easy to remember when it’s time for a trim with Great Clips Haircut Reminders, an in-app feature that allows you to create reminders to use online-check in for your next visit. 

Add fun accessories

Accessorize any of our hairstyles for school to add an extra touch that highlights your child’s personality, while taking little to no time at all! Pair a cute scrunchie with the top knot or fun bows with the pigtails. Effortless AND adorable! 

Keep hair nourished & healthy

Keeping hair nourished and healthy is essential for great hairstyles! Maintain your child’s hair with products that are moisturizing and prevent split ends with regular trims. 

Looking to have your child’s hair professionally styled for school pictures or a special occasion? Bring your child in to your local salon for a formal style service. 

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