Haircut Anxiety? 6 Tips for a Stress-Free Haircut

Anxious woman covering her face with her hands

Sitting in a hair stylist’s chair puts you in a vulnerable position. You spend so much time controlling your hair – applying hair products, heat-styling, gelling and manipulating to get it to look just right. Your hair is literally in your hands. And then you sit in your stylist’s chair and relinquish that control. Your hair is in their hands while you watch in the mirror.

Because of this, many people get nervous about heading to the salon. And waiting too long to see a hair stylist can lead to breakage, dryness, unruly beards and overall unhealthy hair. So how can you get over the fear of the stylist’s chair, embrace your natural hair and get it back to its healthy glory?

Here are our top tips for those experiencing haircut anxiety:

  1. Chat with your stylist. Design Team Master® Ashley Cain makes sure that she caters to her customers’ needs when they sit in her chair. “If they need to just talk before we begin, we talk,” she said. “If they need to sit in a different chair or station, we move. If they prefer a towel around their neck instead of a cape, or to turn away from the mirror, that’s what we do.” Your stylist is determined to make you comfortable.
  2. Distract yourself. Hair stylist anxiety? Bring a book, some music, trashy magazines or your phone so that you have something to do instead of listening to the scissors and staring at yourself in the mirror. Before you know it, the visit will be done and you’ll be looking fab!
  3. Go in with a plan. Sometimes the anxiety comes from the unknown. In this case, do your research ahead of your visit and have a good idea of the  Feel free to bring in photos for your stylist to look at. Having a general idea of what the outcome will be reduces the fear of the unknown.
  4. Use Great Clips® Online Check-In. Sometimes the suspense leading up to your appointment is the most anxiety-ridden part of the entire haircut ordeal. Luckily, Great Clips offers Online Check-In so you don’t have to sit in the lobby and worry. Simply  at a time that works for you, check in online and head to the salon. By the time you get there, you’ll likely be next or almost next on the list, so there’s no stressfully long wait required.
  5. Ask your stylist to keep you updated. Have them show you how much they’ll be cutting off and describe which hair products they’re using. This way you’re not in the dark as to what’s going on with your hair. Design Team Master Astoria Stubbs recommends asking your stylist to show you exactly how much an inch is on your hair before they cut. “Most of the time, what you think is an inch is much less,” she said. “This will definitely make you more comfortable.”
  6. Great Clips stylists go the extra mile with Clip Notes®. These are notes that stylists enter into each customer’s profile that provide information on that customer’s hair and haircut, including style, shape, texture, type of cut, clipper guards, length of sideburns, preferred products, etc. This means that no matter which Great Clips hair salon you go to, your stylist has the info needed to provide you with a quality experience that’s catered to you. Every time. Knowing that your notes are available to every Great Clips hair stylist often eases stress and means that you don’t always have to try and explain what kind of cut you want or try to memorize stylist lingo.

Getting a haircut can be a stressful experience for many, but a little bit of preparation, encouragement and research can go a long way in reducing anxiety. Not to mention Great Clips stylists are skilled, sociable and trained to make your experience in the salon chair a GREAT one. “We are only going to do what you ask,” Astoria said. “So trust the process; we are here to make you look and feel great.”

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