Clip Notes: Your solution to a GREAT cut, every time

What’s better than your hair stylist cutting your hair exactly how you want? Your stylist cutting your hair exactly how you want every time. That’s why we have Clip Notes® – our handy-dandy way to make sure you get the cut you want each time you step into a Great Clips® salon.

Clip Notes are notes that stylists enter into each customer’s profile that provide information on that customer’s hair and haircut, including style, shape, texture, type of cut, clipper guards, length of sideburns, preferred products, etc. This means that no matter which Great Clips salon you go to, your stylist has the info needed to provide you with a quality experience that’s catered to you. Every time.

Added bonus: No need to worry about learning haircut jargon; you can leave that up to your stylist! They will enter the Clip Notes in a way that they, and every other stylist, will understand. So you don’t need to memorize high fade vs. low fade or remember what a weight line is.

So keep calm and haircut on, because Clip Notes are our small way of keeping the stress out of getting your hair cut!