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Short Layer Haircut

Low Maintenance Simple Versatile

A short layer haircut is cut so the bottom falls somewhere between the shoulders and ears. Then shorter layers are added to create shapes and texture. This is a good option if you prefer a low maintenance haircut that still allows you to style it in various ways.  It works for both textured and non-textured hair.

Cut frequency 6 weeks

Style the look at home

5 mins

Apply a styling cream to damp hair. Blow dry your hair with medium or high heat, lifting at the roots to create volume. Finish with light pomade or paste, pulling sections of hair together to create definition and texture.

5 mins

Apply a pomade or light-medium hold gel, like Solutions Men’s Spray Gel, to damp hair and let it air dry to avoid making the hair frizzy. Once the hair is dry, smooth out any flyaways with a comb or a soft-bristle brush.

What to tell your stylist

Love this haircut? Here's what to tell your stylist so you can get this look.

Love this haircut? Here’s what to tell your stylist so you can get the look.

“I’d like to add some short layers to my hair to create definition and texture. I'd like to leave it long enough to provide me with a variety of styling options.

Unsure of how short you want to go? Ask your stylist what length will work best for your hair!

Send yourself a copy of this page to show your stylist!

Send yourself a copy to show your stylist!

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