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Taper Fade

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The taper fade haircut is characterized by gradually decreasing hair length from the top of the head down to the sides and back, down to a low bald fade. This taper fade also features longer, tousled hair on top. Taper fades are great for any hair type.

Cut frequency 2-4 weeks

Style the look at home

2 mins

Apply a styling cream to damp hair. Blow dry hair with medium or high heat, lifting at the roots to create volume. Finish with gel, clay or paste, pulling sections of hair together to create definition and texture.

5 mins

Start with dry or damp hair. Detangle with a wet brush. For tighter curls, apply a gel or curl enhancing cream and scrunch or twist into hair. Finger-curl longer pieces for texture.

What to tell your stylist

Love this haircut? Here's what to tell your stylist so you can get this look.

“I'd like a taper fade with some length on top. Please fade the sides and back gradually into the skin. I’d like to keep the top of the hair about an inch to two inches long, styled in a tousled, undone way.”

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