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Mushroom Cut

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The mushroom cut, also known as a bowl cut, is characterized by short hair evenly trimmed around the sides and back with a longer, rounded top. The defined line where the hair meets the scalp gives the hairstyle its characteristic mushroom-like appearance. Mushroom cuts are great for straight, wavy or curly hair.

Cut frequency 4-6 weeks

Style the look at home

5 mins

Towel dry hair. Spray a detangler and use a comb to remove any tangles. Add a curl taming cream or a mousse for curly hair. Let hair air dry, or use a blow dryer while scrunching hair to define the mushroom shape.

10 mins

Start with damp hair. Apply a small amount of volumizing mousse evenly to the hair. Using a round brush, direct the airflow downwards to smooth out frizz and create volume at the crown. If desired, finish with pomade or styling clay to define the mushroom shape and add texture to the ends.

What to tell your stylist

Love this haircut? Here's what to tell your stylist so you can get this look.

“I'd like to try a mushroom cut, please. I'd like the top layer to be relatively short and rounded (a bit longer for curly hair) while the sides and back should be trimmed shorter.”

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