Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign up and create a profile?
A profile lets you save favorite salons, making checking in online even faster.You can also opt-in to receive emails and push notifications--but that's up to you!
What does Great Clips do with my profile information?
Great Clips stores your profile information in a highly secure database. We use it to connect you to your favorite salons across all your devices using the Great Clips app. In the future, we will add more great features!
How do I reset my password?
On the Sign In screen, tap on "Forgot your Password". You will be sent an email with a link to change your password.
My Great Clips
This feature lets you save your favorite salons. Once these are set up, they show up on the map with a star. And, when you use Online Check-In, your first favorite on the list will automatically show up front and center on the map.
How do I access My Great Clips?
You can access My Great Clips from the app home screen, the Salon Info screen or the map screens.
Why should I add favorite salons to My Great Clips?
Saving your favorite salons makes checking in online for those locations even faster. And, down the road, we can alert you to information specific to your favorite salons.
Do I have to save a salon to My Great Clips as a favorite to check in online?
No, you can check in to any Great Clips salon without adding your favorite locations. Saving favorite salons just makes the check-in process faster.
How do I delete a favorite?
On the My Great Clips screen, tap on Edit, and then tap on the delete symbol on the left side of the bar. Or, on the Salon Info screen, tap on My Great Clips, the star will change from orange to white.
I have more than one favorite salon selected. How do I order my favorites?
To make sure your number one favorite is at the top, go to the My Great Clips screen. Tap Edit, tap and hold the slider to the right of your favorite and slide up or down the list to place it in the order you prefer. Then tap Done.
How does the app determine which favorites to show on the map?

The map always centers on the first favorite salon from your My Great Clips list.

When will I start receiving messages in my inbox?
It may take a few months before you receive messages. When you have new messages, you’ll see a number on the Messages icon on the app the home screen.
How do I change message notifications?
Go to Push Notifications under Account/Settings and slide the bar to the left to stop notifications or slide the bar to the right to receive notifications.
What can I do with the Great Clips app?
Check in online. Create a profile. Add your picture. Add favorite salons. Be in-the-know; opt in for email communications and push notifications.
Can I use the Great Clips app on multiple devices?
Yes. You can now be signed into your Great Clips profile and use all of the app features on all your devices at the same time.
Are there in-app purchases?
Not at this time. But in the future we may surprise you with something great to buy.
How do I share an idea for the Great Clips app with you?
There’s a Feedback form under Account/Settings. Use the feedback form to submit ideas for the Great Clips app or about your salon experience.
What if I can’t log in?
Go to the Sign In screen and tap "Forgot your Password". You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. If log in issues persist, delete and reinstall the app.
How do I sign out of the Great Clips app?
Go to Account/Settings. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a large grey button to “Sign Out”.
Why sign up for email?
You trust us to cut your hair. Trust us to send you great stuff like offers, sales and news from Great Clips.  We promise not to bug you too often.