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Choosing the right products for women's hair

Let's talk about #HairGoals. First, we all want our hair to be healthy. But beyond that, you probably have an image in your head of what you want your hair to look like. Looks that seem effortless may take a little more effort for you. But a haircare regimen with products that fit your hair type can go a long way in helping you achieve the look you want.

Before you start ordering the trendiest or most advertised products, check out the guide below to help you choose the right products for your hair.


The first thing to consider when choosing a hair product is the texture of your hair. Is it curly, straight, wavy, coarse, dry or oily? It may even be a combination.

If you have curly hair with a mind of its own, smoothing and defining products will be key, such as Sexy Hair Curling Crème to provide definition and reduce frizz. If you have hair that trends toward the oily end of the spectrum, look for volumizing products which will help lift your hair and keep it from pulling as much oil from your roots. If your hair trends to frizz, try smoothing creams, oils, or serums to add in extra moisture, like Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil. Most importantly, think about what looks you want to achieve with your texture and discuss products with your stylist.


Similar to your hair texture, another item to consider when choosing hair products is your hair thickness. Thick hair tends to be more on the dry side, so adding moisture may be a priority for you. If your hair is already bursting with volume, you may find a smoothing product helpful, like TIGI Bed Head Small Talk, or a leave-in conditioner, like Solutions by Great Clips Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner.

Thin hair will need some extra oomph, so the product you choose should be packed full of volumizing capabilities. If your hair feels thin, a root-boosting spray, like Big Sexy Hair Root Pump, and a product to boost body, like Solutions by Great Clips Volumizing Foam, are key to adding life back into your locks.


The environment you live in plays a big part in your hair’s needs. If you're living in a dry climate, your hair will be getting less natural moisture from the air, and you may experience more hair and scalp dryness. If you're hailing from a damper climate, your hair may tend to be more frizzy or even oily because of the added moisture in the air. If you need an extra shot of moisture, consider products like Solutions by Great Clips Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner or Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer. For those in a more humid climate, an anti-frizz serum, like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, or a dry shampoo can help.


In addition to texture and environment, how long your hair is will also determine what products are the best fit for you to reach your #HairGoals. Long hair will need more moisture, especially on the ends, in order to stay healthy, so you may want to try the Solutions by Great Clips Deep Moisturizing Balm. If you have shorter hair, gravitating toward product to add texture is a great way to give you more styling options without as much length. We recommend Solutions by Great Clips Texturizing Pomade or Pliable Putty for short hair.


Permed, colored, bleached or relaxed hair? Something else to consider when picking a product! You’ll want to be very careful about the products you choose if you get regular treatments done, as those treatments can change the texture and overall health of your hair. You should also keep in mind whether you heat-style your hair frequently, as heat styling adds stress to your hair that the right product can help alleviate. If you're an avid flat-ironer or blow-dryer, we recommend Solutions by Great Clips Thermal Protection Spray.

If your hair is professionally treated, analyze your hair's texture. Does the treatment make it dry? Pick up some Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner. Experiencing hair breakage? Try TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost. More on the dull side? Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator may be for you.

Many factors will determine which products are the perfect fit for you, and choosing the right products means spending some quality time with your hair. But with the right analysis and a whole range of products available at your Great Clips salon, we are positive that we can help you achieve your #HairGoals.

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