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It's summertime: 5 healthy summer haircare tips for men

Summer is here! You may be ready to take on the outdoors and soak in some sunshine, but remember: your hair is not invincible. It needs some extra TLC in the wake of the summer heat.

How can you enjoy the summer without worrying about frying your hair? We’ve got haircare tips for you.

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Cover it up

When in doubt, pull out your favorite hat! This will not only protect your hair from the sun, but will also protect your face and ears. It also means you don’t have to worry about styling!

Wash less often

Shampooing too frequently strips the natural oils from your hair. And with the sun and warm air already drying out your ‘do, you definitely don’t want to add to that. We recommend holding onto those natural oils by shampooing infrequently and using dry shampoo instead like the Bed Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. The natural oils will help protect your hair from damage and keep frizz and breakage at bay.

Rinse with cold water

Hot water dries out your hair and scalp so, as unpleasant as it may be, try washing and rinsing your hair with cold or lukewarm water. This will close up your strands to help lock in moisture faster. Plus, if it’s a hot day, it’ll be nice and refreshing. Use Tea Tree Solutions by Great Clips Shampoo and Conditioner to increase that refreshing feeling with an added tingle. 

Go short or go man bun

If your scalp gets dry and is susceptible to dandruff in the summer, we recommend going with a shorter haircut to reduce sweat and the buildup of oil on your scalp. If you’re partial to your longer locks, try pulling it up into a bun to keep your hair off your neck and keep you cool. Tousle your hair with American Crew Fiber Cream before putting it up into a bun to add hold and control.

Try oils

Oils are a great product for fast frizz control without weighing your hair down. We love Solutions by Great Clips Nourishing Oil to prevent breakage, fight frizz and add shine.

You don’t have to sacrifice your time in the sun for healthy hair. Ask your Great Clips stylist about the best products to keep your hair strong, nourished and summer-ready!

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