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5 tips to take your hair from summer to autumn

Fall air just feels different. It's crisp, cool and, for many, a welcome relief from the summer heat and humidity. But with the changing season comes the need to make some changes to your haircare routine. Here are some steps to add to your daily process to keep your hair healthy and happy this autumn.

Haircare products for fall

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1. Turn to products that emphasize moisture

Fall air is drier than summer air, and your hair and skin will feel that. This means that you may need to turn up the volume on the hydration. We recommend enlisting the help of a moisturizing-specific shampoo and conditioner combo, like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner.

If your hair could use an additional boost, you can also incorporate the Solutions by Great Clips Deep Moisturizing Balm, an intense moisturizing treatment to use after washing to revive damaged hair.

2. Use oils and serums

Autumn air means less humidity, but this can also mean dry strands and more breakage. Incorporating a serum into your routine can help control flyaways and add in moisture where you need it. We recommend Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil or Solutions by Great Clips Nourishing Oil to smooth down rogue strands while also hydrating your hair for maximum health and shine.

3. Avoid split ends

Don't let split ends take advantage of your dry hair! When your hair is dry and damaged, it's easier for damaged ends to spread up strands and cause frizz and breakage. This means that when you finally make it to the salon, you'll have to have that dreaded conversation about cutting off more than you intended to in order to get your hair back to a healthy state. Avoid split ends before they can strike by visiting your local Great Clips salon for regular trims. In-between salon visits, use TIGI Bed Head's Ego Boost Split End Mender to add strength, elasticity and mend split ends.

4. Clarify your hair

When the dry air strikes, you will likely find yourself incorporating more product into your haircare routine than you do in the summer months. From serums to oils to mousses, all of these products are highly recommended to hydrate, moisturize and protect your hair, but it's also important to remember that more product means more build-up. Clarifying your hair when you wash it can help prevent excess product build-up. Solutions by Great Clips Clarifying Shampoo lifts out product build-up so that you can start fresh every day.

5. Create a heat-protecting forcefield

When the moisture in the air is gone, hair starts to lose volume and, for many, this means picking up heat-styling tools. However, when more heat is applied to your hair, you should also incorporate more heat protection. Heat-protectant products like TIGI Small Talk add volume, body, and shine while also protecting your hair from the applied heat of blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons.

It's time to amp up your autumn haircare routine to make sure that you're heading into the fall season with nourished, healthy hair! Need the pros to step in with a trim or some product advice? Head to your favorite Great Clips salon where a stylist will be ready to take your hair from summer to fall.

What's your favorite way to take care of your hair in the autumn? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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