As the world’s largest and fastest-growing salon brand, Great Clips can provide an attractive storefront and a boost in customer traffic to your shopping center. With almost 37 years of franchising experience, Great Clips attracts the best franchisees in the business—operators who have a reputation for being great tenants, paying their rent on time and giving back to their communities. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding a Great Clips salon to your center:

We have a guaranteed customer base.  There will always be people who need haircuts. In strong economic times or when there’s a downturn, people will seek out a great service at a great price. 

We’re a customer destination that fits in with other shopping.  Many Great Clips customers choose to come to Great Clips and plan their errands around it, using our Online Check-In app to make the most of their time. They often visit other shops in the area before or after their haircut. 

We attract repeat customers.  The average Great Clips salon attracts more than 500 customers per week, and the average Great Clips customer comes in every four to six weeks.

We are proud of our brand image.  Our storefronts are attractive and sport a highly recognized brand that we promote successfully on TV, radio, in the papers and even on race cars. If we look this good on the NASCAR track, imagine how we’ll look inline at your strip- or grocery-anchored retail center.

We are an industry leader.  Be home to the salon industry’s first billion-dollar brand and part of a network of more than 4,300 salons across North America. And we’re growing every year!

We are community-focused.  Great Clips franchisees are independent business people who live and work in their communities. Together with their salon teams, they reach out to customers and neighbors to help strengthen those communities.

We put a lot of thought into finding the best locations for Great Clips salons. Take a look at our site characteristics to learn more. Email the appropriate Real Estate Manager with your questions or property information.