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Children’s Miracle Network®

Supporting children’s health across North America

More than 10 million kids enter children’s hospitals across North America every year. More than 170 hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network treat the majority of kids with serious illnesses in communities across the United States and Canada. To provide the best care for kids, children’s hospitals rely on donations and community support, as Medicaid and insurance programs do not fully cover the cost of care. To ensure these kids get the essential care they need, Children’s Miracle Network helps fill these gaps through its various fundraising programs and partnerships with organizations like Great Clips.

How Great Clips supports children’s healthcare

Great Clips has partnered with Children’s Miracle Network for over 15 years. Thanks to the generous donations of our customers, we’ve raised nearly $10 million for the nonprofit. Every October, Great Clips salons across the United States and Canada raise money for Children’s Miracle Network to provide life-saving treatment, medical supplies, research and other necessary medical care.

Donate at a salon near you

Every year in October, you can donate at many of our Great Clips salons across the United States and Canada. All donations go directly to that community’s local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. 

To see the unique difference that Children’s Miracle Network can make in the lives of kids and their families, read their Miracle Stories.

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