Women’s Fall 2019 Trends

Smiling woman in front of fall foliage

Whether you’re mourning the end of summer or celebrating the start of cooler weather, Fall brings with it new colors, new temps and new styles. Wondering what’s on-deck to be trending in Fall 2019? We’ve got you covered!

Blunt Bob

Woman with blunt bob hairstyle trend

This classic style comes in many different iterations and looks great on a variety of face shapes. A blunt bob makes your hair look thicker and healthier and, despite it being a short cut, can be styled in many different ways using different texturizing hair products. Curly, wavy or messy, a blunt bob is a go-to look for this Fall and beyond.

Super Straight

Woman with super straight hairstyle trend

We’re throwing it back to the 90s with this look. Super straight hair is back and it’s looking sleek and stylish and super classy. Super straight hair can be dressed up – slicked back or paired with some flashy barrettes – or dressed down by pulling it back in a low ponytail or pairing it with a fun headband.

Middle Part

Woman with middle part hairstyle trend

Kim Kardashian? Rocking it. Zendaya? Owning it. Beyonce? Working it. The middle part is flattering for most people’s facial features and creates a flattering cut along the jawline. It elongates features, whether your hair is chin-length or long, wavy or straight.

Claw-Clip Bun

Woman with claw-clip bun hairstyle trend

Yes, the accessory that dominated women’s hair in the 90s is back again, and we’re loving the effortless look that the claw-clip offers. It gets the hair out of your face while also offering a chic, throwback look.

Ready to enter the new season with a chic new look? Head over to your favorite Great Clips salon and get your ‘do ready for Fall!

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