The Best Types of Bangs for the Summer

Whether you’re looking for something bold, boho or blunt, bangs are the women’s trend taking over the red carpet. With a plethora of styles available – from side-swept to choppy, asymmetrical to wispy – you’re sure to find a look that fits your personal style, hair type and face shape.

We chatted with Elle Skeen, a Great Clips Design Team Master and asked her for her thoughts on flattering, face-framing looks that she finds herself cutting most often.

"Something I'm seeing a ton of and love is the shag," Skeen said. "And with the shag comes the curtain bang."

Curtain Bangs hairstyle

The curtain bang is perfect for ladies not willing to quite go full shag with their cut.

"With the curtain bang, you get the illusion of a shag haircut," said Skeen.

Beautiful and versatile, the curtain bang can be cut short, or left longer to frame the face. It's also the perfect style for women of all hair types, including curly, and can be swept over into a side bang for a more subtle look. Texturizing hair products can give curtain bangs a messy or beach wave effect to further mix things up.

"This bang gives you the shag effect with less commitment and, for some, less regret. It's easy to style with a little sea salt spray or leave-in conditioner," Skeen said.

curtain bangs hairstyle

Especially in the summer months, the full bang has become less popular and the curtain bang and its ability to be universally flattering is one of the most-requested styles for Great Clips stylists.

"It works well for women with larger foreheads but is also very versatile because it tends to be soft," said Skeen. "If there's a bang that works well for everybody, it's that one."

Curtain Bangs hairstyle

Whether you have your mind made up about the curtain bang or are ready to explore some other styles, we have your guide to some bangin' bangs below!

Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs Hairstyle

Full Bangs

Full Bangs hairstyle

Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs hairstyle

Side-Swept Bangs

side swept bangs hairstyle

Great Clips stylists are happy to help you pick a style of bangs that suits you, so swing in to a salon near you for a bold new look or download the Great Clips app to see estimated wait times and save your place in line. Walk-ins are always welcome and no appointments are needed. 

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