Men's Summer 2019 Hair Trends

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We’re feeling those summer feels, and so is our hair! With the changing of the seasons, we’ve scoured the internet, checked out the red carpet looks and read the blogs to figure out which hairstyles will be popular for men in Summer 2019. The general trend that we’re seeing: a 90s resurgence! Recognize some of these looks from the days of boy bands and cargo pants?

Here’s what we found:

Buzz Cut

buzz cut hairstyle

It’s a classic haircut for men and about as simple to maintain as a hairstyle can get. This minimalist look works great for guys trying to show off a sharp jawline, but is flattering on most every guy. A pro tip: Ask for the top of your hair to be clipper cut with a #2 guard, which leaves a ¼ of an inch in length or a #3 guard for 3/8 of an inch in length, and a #1 guard for the back and sides which leaves 1/8 of an inch in length in order to create a gradual and subtle fade and make the buzz look clean. This cut is easy to maintain, but it’s recommended that you head to your local Great Clips every 4-5 weeks for a re-cut to maintain a fresh buzz cut. 


bob hairstyle

Back from the 90s by popular demand, we’re seeing this mid-length cut on the heads of stars like Johnny Depp and Milo Ventimiglia. The key to this men's haircut is to take advantage of layers. Maintain enough length in the front so that you can tuck it behind your ears, with more dramatic layers in the back. This style is ideal for guys with textured hair, but Great Clips sells plenty of texturizing products, like Solutions by Great Clips Pliable Putty, Fiber Cream, Designing Taffy, Tea Tree Texture and Texturizing Pomade, or Redken Brews Dishevel Fiber Cream to give those with straight hair a more angsty, messy look. Even though this style is on the longer side, it’s simple to maintain. Make sure to wash your hair 3-4 days a week and GRIT Cleanse + Style on the days when you don’t wash it. Because of the messier look, it’s very forgiving and allows you to simply wash, ruffle, apply some product and go.

Loose Quaff

Loose quaff hairstyle

Whether you’re living in Manhattan NYC or Manhattan, Kansas, you can give off big city vibes with this cut. A quaff is a piece of hair brushed upward and backward from the forehead, combining the pompadour style with the flattop. It takes the traditional quiff cut and adds some texture. The look is versatile, and the sides can be cut at any length – from shaved to long so you can tuck it behind your ears. The top is kept long, but your stylist will often remove some weight from the top to make it easier to manipulate. To style, simply blow-dry your hair backward with a round brush. Run some styling paste, like Redken Brews Work Hard Molding Paste, Solutions by Great Clips Tea Tree Paste or American Crew Defining Paste through the quaff from front to back while wiggling your fingers to give it the texture you’re looking for. Styling the look takes a bit more work in the morning, but a loose quiff means you don’t need to be in the salon chair quite as often. Keep an eye on the sides; when they start to look a bit unruly and less neat, hit up your Great Clips salon freshen up your haircut.


undercut hairstyle

The undercut is one of the most flexible cuts. The classic undercut has buzzed sides with hair left longer on top that is slicked back. But it has taken on many variations as the longer hair can be combed over, naturally curly or styled into a pompadour. The contrast between the shaved sides and longer top can be either bold when paired with a skin fade, or more on the subtle side with the sides left slightly longer. Here are a few variations:

  • Clip the sides to be the same length up to the longer hair on top.
  • Cut the sides into a gradual fade, where the neck is slightly shorter than the sides and the back of the head, but the top is still longer and disconnected.
  • Create a disconnected look with short sides and a longer top, but blend the back through the crown creating a visual blended “V.” The top is left long, but begins to get shorter towards the back.

Because this look is sleek and stylish, it requires a bit more time. To style it just right, GRIT Flexible Style adds pliable definition to the texture on top. It’s also recommended, because the sides are typically buzzed, that you get back to Great Clips every 2-3 weeks to maintain the length.

Ready for a new style? Summer is the perfect time to check in online and head to your local Great Clips salon and get that trendy haircut that you’ve been wanting to try out. Don’t forget to download the Great Clips app to unlock great features that can help you save time and money on your next haircut.

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