Hairstyle & Haircut Trends for Men in Fall 2019

Portrait of smiling redhead male in an autumn park.

Changing colors, changing styles. Fall is the perfect time to take a look at the new men’s haircut and hairstyle trends and try out a new look! But there’s no need to look very far for this season’s trending styles; we did the research and found the haircuts and styles that are bound to be popular this Fall.

Curly/Wavy Faded Undercut

Man with curly faded undercut hairstyle trend

Curly-haired guys, there’s an undercut for you! We love the fringed look paired with a clean, sleek faded undercut haircut. This haircut trend for men is eye-catching, versatile and modern whether you have tight curls or loose waves. 

Textured Pompadour

Man with textured pompadour hairstyle trend

A look doesn’t get much more iconic than the pompadour, but many men are transitioning from the sleek, classic pompadour to a messier version, and we’re loving it! A messy pompadour can be styled a variety of ways, from sculpted to untidy.

Side Part

Man with side part hairstyle trend

One of the most popular styles is continuing to dominate in Fall 2019. The side part is sleek, smart and simple. Whether you’re going to the office or the classroom, we like the put-together look of the side part and a gentle side-sweep.

Textured Crop

Man with textured crop hairstyle trend

Easy to wear and fashion-forward – the textured crop features layering and a forward fringe that is modern, while also simple to style. Whether you have curls or straight hair, this look is ideal for all hair types because it adds volume to fine hair and makes thick hair a little lighter. Angle the crop by sweeping it to one side or the other, add some texture or embrace your natural curl with a hair product that suits your hair type. This is the perfect Fall look.

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