Spring 2021 Men's Hair Trends

man with child working on a laptop


Imagine this: You pop into a virtual meeting with your hair looking fresh, clean and trendy. So fresh, in fact, that you almost forget that you’re still wearing sweatpants for the 195th day in a row. A new ‘do can help you feel ready to conquer the day, whether you’re heading to the office or waiting for your groceries to be delivered.

This spring, we’re looking forward to some new trends, some blasts from the past and a lot of experimenting when it comes to looks and product. Here are some of the spring men’s hairstyle trends we’re expecting to see:


1. Mullets: A lack of face-to-face interaction has encouraged many guys to experiment with their hair more than ever. Mullets were beginning to make a reappearance in early 2020, and now they’re back in full force. They’re fun, versatile and great for all hair types. Plus, if your meetings are still over video, the “business in the front, party in the back” is ideal because your colleagues will only see the clean-cut front.


2. Fades: Fades – whether high or low, buzzed or long – will continue to trend this spring as men are starting to get back into the salons more frequently. A fade is a clean look and lends to a very put-together look, which is ideal when you’ve been wearing the same outfit for the last few days but still need to “dress to impress.”


3. Managing looks with product: Spring looks are all about manageability – the ones that can grow out cleanly and don’t require a lot of styling or maintenance. Many men are turning to styling products to achieve this. They’re moving away from products like gels and more frequently turning to pomades, like Great Clips Solutions Pomade, American Crew Pomade and molding/fiber cremes, like Redken BREWS Dishevel Fiber Cream, GRIT Flexible Style or GRIT Matte Style. Products like these are great for styling hair that has grown out and become unruly while avoiding the crunch caused by gel.


man applying hair product 


4. Beards: Raise your hand if you grew a quarantine beard! We love us a good beard, but maintenance is the key here. More men than ever are trying out the bearded look and we’re all about it. Just make sure you have a good beard oil, like MVRCK By Mitch Beard Oil, and other healthy beard products, like BED HEAD Lion Tamer Beard Balm by TIGI or American Crew Beard Serum to keep your beard, as well as the skin underneath, nourished and moisturized. This spring we’ll also see more men experimenting with modes of beard styling and upkeep, including using hot brushes and flat irons. Want to give it a try? Make sure you have a good heat protection spray so you’re not frying your hair.


man trimming his beard 

New season, new ‘do? We think so! Mask up and head to a Great Clips salon near you to find a look that’s all you this spring.