Three Men’s Hair Trends to Try in 2021

Man with short hair and a groomed beard

2020 impacted our routines and looks – working from home, temporary salon closures and limited travel have resulted in everyone finding new ways to style for our new normal.

As we head into a new year, it’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and a fresh look to take 2021 on with confidence.

1. Embrace your length but keep it tight

Man with long curly hair and beard

Longer-than-normal times between haircuts has led to many men loving their longer-than-normal locks. But sporting an unfamiliar look can come with unforeseen challenges, like learning how to style, says Great Clips stylist and Design Team Master Michael Mealey. A great way to take on this trend is to “keep more length up top, which provides flexibility during the winter months. But keeping the sides above your ears and back below your neck tight and clean will help keep an always-fresh look.”

Your local Great Clips stylist can help you decide which look is best for you, but you can get a head start by finding your perfect fade here.

2. (Re)introducing the men’s bi-level mullet

Man with mullet style haircut

The 80’s called, and they said they love this trend! This shorter, fuller hairstyle is clean and classic with just the right amount of party in the back. “Time at home has given us the freedom and confidence to try new styles,” says Mealey, “and this is a great one to try.” The key to embracing this year’s trend is to blend. Make sure the hair is blended to the ears in the front, and the hair in the back extends behind the ears.

To take this trend to the next level, maintain your mullet and add definition with a few of our favorite products. Start with Solutions by Great Clips Men’s Molding Cream to give structure to the sides and back of hair without being too strong. Think moveable flow you can run your fingers through!

3. Bring on the beard but make it manageable

Who said facial hair can’t also be polished and put-together? The trick to this trend is the transition. Mealey explains, “Blending the sides of the beard with the hair, especially if the sides are short, is essential. This keeps the transition between facial hair and your haircut smooth and natural.” So, no matter what length your hair is (ahem, trend #1), focusing on the sides is a simple way to make sure the combo is seamless. If you’re looking for help finding the perfect hair and beard combo, check out our blog post with tips and tricks and chat with your local Great Clips stylist!

Ready for a new style? The new year is the perfect time to check in online, head to your local Great Clips salon and get that trendy haircut that you’ve been wanting to try out.

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