Fall Women’s Hairstyles 2018

Woman with scarf

Fall has arrived in full-force, and the changing of the seasons also means a change in style. It means switching out your sandals for boots, your tank tops for sweaters, and your swimsuits for scarves. And while you’re revamping your closet for cooler weather, you may also be considering switching up your hair to accommodate cooler temps, new outfits and color schemes, and the ever-cute winter beanie.

We scoured the top fall haircut and style sites to find out what the hottest trends are for the chilly fall season.

The verdict: Effortlessly messy.

This season’s hair trends are being dominated by looks that have that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-looking-this-great vibe. And we’re loving it. Here’s what we found:

Center part

The center part is HOT this season! We’re seeing it on the red carpet, as well as every day in salons. Incredibly flattering for those with oval-shaped faces, this part is easy and fun to style into a smooth ponytail or a messy shag.

Center Part hairstyle


They’re back and they’re trendy! Headbands are part of this year’s autumn look, while also serving as a functional piece to keep those fly-aways out of your eyes. Plus, a stylish fabric headband can help keep your ears warm on cool fall days.

Headband hairstyle

Bed-head waves

Nothing says effortless like bed-head, right? Messy, loose waves (often created with some sea salt spray) gives that “Oh, look at me, I just got up and look fabulously chic” vibe. Plus, they look great under a hat!

Wavy hairstyle

Top Knots

From barre to brunch, the top knot is easy and versatile. It keeps hair off your neck during sweaty workouts, looks great with a sweater for brunch and can be paired with a headband for a more put-together look. The best part: The messier the better, so get your teasing on!

Top Knot hairstyle


Bobs are back in full-force! Whether you’re going for an angular look or a long lob, this style is flattering for any hair type or face shape. Got curls? Keep your bob a little longer and embrace them! Got waves? Add in a little sea salt spray or a texturizing hair product for that bed-head look. Got stick-straight hair? Part it down the middle and enjoy the blunt, edgy look.

Bob Hairstyle

Curtain bangs

Beautiful on anyone, curtain bangs go great with a shag hairstyle and provide wonderful face-framing. They also grow out nicely and are easy to sweep to the side as they grow out. Curtain bangs pair well with a winter beanie (and keep your forehead toasty warm).

Curtain Bangs hairstyle

Baby bangs

Think Emma Watson, baby bangs are in! They’re edgy, blunt and head-turning, so whether you have straight hair or curls, baby bangs (especially choppy-cut baby bangs) are this year’s red carpet look and will look great in your pumpkin patch Instagram selfies!

Baby bangs hairstyle

Got a look in mind that you want to embrace this fall? Check in online or head to a Great Clips salon and talk with your stylist so they can help make your autumn hairstyle dreams come true!

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