Back to Work? 6 Tips for Getting Back to Professional Hairstyles

Workers collaborating around a table


Getting back to normal (or a new kind of normal) means a big change for a lot of the workforce – returning to the office. Though this comes with the excitement of reconnecting with colleagues and getting out and about, it also requires a return to routine. Gone are the days of waking up 15 minutes before your first meeting and maybe even logging onto Zoom while still in bed (we’re all guilty of it a time or two!).


As you ditch the messy buns and baseball caps, you may feel a bit out of hairstyling practice but not to worry. There are some easy and simple steps that will get you ready to walk into the office like you never left.


1. Less is more

You may feel the pressure to show up to your first day at the office with a top notch hairstyle, but keeping it manageable and polished is your best bet. If you have shorter hair, try adding some styling gel and brushing your hair back behind your ears for a chic look. Those with medium-length hair can simply use styling gel and a bristle brush to slick hair back on each side of your part and gather it at the nape of your neck. Then grab a claw clip to secure it. Both hairstyles will stay all day with hardly any maintenance!


2. Sleep-in styles

Setting early alarms feels like a foreign concept after a year of hitting the snooze button, but your morning commute combined with dressing in something other than athleisure will require an earlier wake up call. Give yourself those few extra minutes of sleep by sleeping in a messy bun or French braids overnight. Add some Sexy Hair Curling Creme to damp hair the night before and put your hair in your preferred overnight style. The next morning, you can wake up to effortless waves and curls.


3. Depend on product

Dry shampoo is still your best friend – in moderation. That’s right, just because you may be parting from your at-home office, doesn’t mean you need to part from your favorite styling products. In between washes, dry shampoo will keep hair looking clean, while also adding texture, volume and hold to your hairstyle. Additionally, adding it to clean hair before bed can result in voluminous and easy-to-style hair for the next morning.


4. Add accessories

Don’t forget about your favorite headbands or hair scarves! These accessories are an easy way to style your second-day hair. Adding some natural waves with your go-to hot tool and pulling back the hair with a headband will result in a fun, yet polished hair style that keeps hair out of your face all day.


5. Get a fresh haircut

The quarantine buzzcuts and curtain bangs have grown out and it’s time for a hair refresh. Whether it’s a trim or a big chop, a haircut will help with your day-to-day styling and overall hair health. Having a hard time fitting a haircut in with the added commute? Great Clips Online Check-In is your answer! This feature allows you to see the wait time at your nearest salon and plan accordingly, so the time that you would normally spend waiting can be spent finishing up work or running errands.


6. Beat the heat

There’s no doubt that we will be turning up the heat again to tame our manes. But as we get reacquainted to our straighteners, blow dryers and curling irons, there’s a very important part of your styling routine that you can’t forget – heat protectant, like Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press!


Ask your stylist as your local Great Clips about the best products for your hair type.


Don’t forget, this is an exciting time! Though it may require you to wake up a little earlier, it’s time to get back to your work friends and free office coffee. Head to your local Great Clips salon for a fresh cut and some tips from your hairdresser on styling your hair type for back to work.