The Great Clips App

About the Great Clips App

What can I do with the Great Clips app?

So many things that will make your life easier! Check in online to save time waiting in the salon. Create a profile and then add favorite salons to make checking in online even easier. Be in the know when you opt in for email communications and push notifications.

Can I use the Great Clips app on multiple devices?

You can download the Great Clips app on any Android or Apple device. You can also access your profile and check in online via on any device or computer.

Are there in-app purchases?

Not at this time.

How do I suggest an improvement for the Great Clips app with you?

There’s a feedback option in the menu of the Great Clips app. Use the feedback form to submit ideas for the Great Clips app or about your salon experience.

How do I set up a haircut reminder?

It's easy! Go to the menu and select "Haircut Reminder". Select the  number of weeks between your haircuts in "Remind Me Every". Select "Save" on the bottom right of the screen. You can also select a specific day for your next reminder under "Next Reminder". Please note that you need to sign up for a profile and have notifications turned on in order to use this feature.

How do I edit a haircut reminder?

Just go to the Menu and select Haircut Reminder. From there, you can edit and save any haircut reminders you may have.

How do I stop receiving haircut reminders?

Go to the Menu and click "Haircut Reminders". At the top of the screen turn the "Haircut Reminders" button to the "off" position.

How to sign up or create a profile

Why sign up and create a profile?

A profile lets you save favorite salons, which makes checking in online even faster. You can also add a haircut reminder. You can still check in online without signing up. It’s up to you!

What does Great Clips do with my profile information?

For details on how we collect, store and use any personal information you provide, see our Privacy Notice. Be sure to check back as our Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time.

How do I reset my password?

On the Sign In screen, tap on "Forgot Your Password.” You’ll get an email with a link to change your password.

What if I can’t log in?

Go to the Sign In screen and tap "Forgot your Password.” You’ll get an email with a link to reset your password. If log in issues persist, delete and reinstall the app.

How do I sign out of the Great Clips app?

Go to Menu->Settings. At the bottom of the Settings screen, you’ll see a large grey button to “Sign Out.”

How do I close my account?

Send us a note in the feedback form or call 1-800-473-2825 to delete your profile information. Note, however, that Great Clips is unable to delete the app off your device remotely. You are able to delete the app from your device at any time.

How do I stop receiving push notifications?

Go to Menu->Settings in the Great Clips app and locate "Great Stuff Notifications." Switch to "Off" to turn off notifications. Note that notifications related to your haircut reminder are separate, you can also turn those on or off in Settings or in the haircut reminder screen. You can also turn off all push notifications from the Great Clips app by going to your phone settings.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

Select the unsubscribe button from any email you receive from Great Clips, Inc.


When will I start receiving messages in my inbox?

It may take a few months before you receive messages. When you have new messages, you’ll see a number on the Messages icon on the app’s home screen.

How do I delete messages in my inbox?

On the right side of the message, swipe to the left. A red "delete" button will appear. Tap on the delete button to remove the message from your inbox. Note that messages will also automatically be removed from your inbox after a period of time.