GRIT by Great Clips

Hair products for men at an affordable value price, available only at Great Clips salons.  These products are easy to understand, easy to use, smell great and are formulated for all types of men and hair.  Show us your #gritstyle @grit_haircare

Hair + Body - This multitasking shampoo, conditioner & body wash helps speed up your daily shower routine, while it cleans and moisturizes hair and skin.  The large size and concentrated formula provides extended use and its bold masculine fragrance smells great too!


Body Refresh - A go-to spray that gets ride of unwanted odors.  Just toss it in your car or gym bag and use to neutralize body odor anytime.


Cleanse + Style - This guys version of a dry shampoo is a cleansing shortcut when you don't have time to shower.  Foaming cleanser quickly and conveniently cleans hair without water, breaks down styling product and eliminates odor.


Natural Style - The everyday style cream for a casual look.  Low hold and low shine.  Great for the 'no fuss' kind of guy.


Flexible Style - The 'does-it-all' styling balm.  Medium hold, medium shine.  Great for the 'indecisive' kind of guy.


Firm Style - The 'hair won't move' styling gel.  High hold, high shine.  Great for the 'knows what I like' kind of guy.