Detour®, extreme-style hair products at Great Clips salons


Put the edge on, whenever. A total 180 from the everyday.

Wash Out Shampoo
Bring on the gunk then prepare to resurface with grit-smashing lather; no conditioning necessary

Hard Hat Gel
Sets up and stays firm whether you wet- or dry-cement your style: stands up to wind machines, crash tests and the like

Grid Lock Putty
Flexible flexibility keeps your options open so spike it, work it, bend it

Live Wire Cream
The tougher you get the tougher it gets

Road Slick Wax
Classic lines or modern movement, piece it out, slick it up, finish it off

Torque Boosting Cream
Put this volumizer in wet hair, hit the button and blow it up

Dusty Road Matte Cream
Matte finish with volume and control