I.T. Recharging Complex

Nioxin - I.T. Recharging Complex

What it is:

Daily multi-vitamin, supplement. 100% natural (no fillers or chemical binders).

Key Benefits:

  • A proprietary blend of Marine Concentrates promote superior nutrition with vitamins and herbs 
  • Provides the required balanced nourishment to promote the healthy growth of hair and nails* 
  • Gives more radiant skin**

Who Needs This Product:

This product is intended anyone experiencing effects of thinning hair.


Multi Vitamin

Supports health and wellness, provides superior nutrition and healthy growth of hair and nails**.

Marine Concentrates

A potent source of nutrition that provides energy (blue, green, red and brown algae).

Wild Yam

Wild crafted blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help provide stronger hair, skin and nails.


Enzymes, co-enzymes and co-factors provide anti-aging benefits.