Online Check In

Save time with just a couple clicks.

What is Online Check-In?
This service lets you add your name to the list at your local Great Clips salon. It’s not an appointment - what it does is let you add your name to the list before arriving at the salon to help save you time.

When is Online Check-In available?
Customers can check in online during the hours the salon is open.

How does Online Check-In save me time?
When you're on the list, chances are you'll be next or almost next in line for the next available stylist as soon as you arrive. Please note that if you do request a specific stylist upon arriving at the salon, your wait time may be longer.

How do I use Online Check-In?
On your phone, use our iPhone or Android App. On your computer, go to the home page, click the Check-In button. Or, in the salon locator enter your zip or postal code, choose a convenient location and click the icon on the map. Then tell us your name, how many will be getting haircuts, and come on over.

When should I arrive at the salon? 
Online Check-In lets us know you're on your way, so it's best to head right over right after you're done checking in. Once you arrive, let the stylists know you're there and we'll confirm your info and finish your check in.

Do I need to do anything when I arrive at the salon?
Be sure to let the stylists know when you arrive at the salon so they know you are there, and can finish your check in.

Can I use Online Check-In for all types of services?
Yes, you can use Online Check-In for all services except perms. Most salons that offer perms require an appointment for this service, so please call the salon to set up an appointment.

What happens if I arrive late?
Things happen. It’s not an appointment, so don't worry if you lose your keys, spill something or get stuck in traffic. We'll keep your name on the list for a short period of time.

To sum up, Online Check-In is about as quick as it gets to be next. As a philosophy, we just don’t believe in long waits.