Gift Card

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I get a Great Clips Gift Card? 
At any Great Clips salon.

Do I have to pay any fees when I buy a Great Clips Gift Card?

What’s the balance on my card?
You can check your Gift Card balance here, call 800-929-1809 or ask us to check it at your local Great Clips salon.

Can I return a Great Clips Gift Card and get cash instead?
Afraid not. But you really should try it out. You can use it to get a great haircut from a professional stylist without waiting around all day. Also for giving tips, and to get any of our great hair and beauty products.

What about using U.S. Gift Cards in Canada or the other way around?
You’ve got to use Great Clips Gift Cards in the country where you bought them. Canadian gift cards can be purchased at any participating Canadian Salon and by calling the Great Clips corporate office at 800-999-5959.

Do Great Clips Gift Cards expire? 
They do not.

Someone gave me a Gift Card from Great Clips. How do I find one of your salons? 
Visit our Salon Locator. We can’t wait to meet you. 
What do I do if my gift card gets lost or stolen?
If you have the original receipt we can cancel the card and give you a new one with the same balance. As soon as you realize the Gift Card is gone call Gift Card Customer Service at 800-929-1809. (The legal side of things: Great Clips and our affiliates don’t have any liability for lost or stolen Gift Cards). Tip: If you buy a Great Clips Gift Card it’s a good idea to keep the receipt.

Can a customer purchase the promotional GREAT Cards online?
No. The $9.99 GREAT Card promotion is available at participating salons only during a limited time and are not available for purchase online.